Marvel’s Daredevil: Daredevil (Season 1 Episode 13)

Daredevil Season 1 Episode 13
Matt and Foggy make a move on the law front. Matt makes a move with his new costume. Karen realizes that the future holds more promise than she thought. Matt and Fisk have a final battle. Fisk returns to his own personal drawing board.

On Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 13, aptly named “Daredevil,” Nelson & Murdock finds its feet in the constantly shifting world they have come to call home. Matt and Foggy realize that their best opportunity to defeat the evil surrounding them is by working together, by sifting through what they can with the law and then allowing Matt to be who he is, Foggy’s title of hero. Fisk realizes he isn’t at all who he thought he was but realizes who he has become and accepts that role. Matt realizes who he is, at long last, and dons the red horns.

Ben’s Life and Death

A somber open for the finale, Ben’s burial becomes the urgency and fuel for the people who worked with him and for the idea that he had for the city. Karen’s fear in the wake of Ben’s death grows exponentially, and Matt’s belief that he is the answer alone, despite having a realization that he can’t do this on his own in the previous episode, seems to add to Karen’s worry, but in a different capacity. Just as Fisk’s path clears literally city-wide, he accepts a horrible truth about Leland, and, as usual, doesn’t take it lightly. Vanessa’s name gets brought up and the displaced rage Fisk had for his mother at one time returns for his new love. Despite Leland talking about his insurance policy, Fisk does what he does best and takes another life.

The Double Prong

Meanwhile, Matt battles out demons the same way his father did. Foggy and Matt’s relationship has turned the inevitable corner, their comfort with one another expanding beyond the secrets now. Matt’s crusade against Fisk is now a double-pronged attack, Foggy assisting him as they move forward. The avocados-at-law back together at long last. By combining their forces, both the law and the vigilantism, they have become the best asset against Fisk, almost the only one. “Law meets reality”, as Matt so poignantly puts it, illustrates their newfound ideologies combining, in the only way they have anymore.

Just as the cops close in on the men protecting Hoffman, Matt closes in on them, making this one of newer turncoats to assist the world and Nelson & Murdock. With people coming to the light, Matt’s light, it seems to be symbolic of the earnestness he wants to establish; even while he believes he is the devil, other people recognize that he is their symbol of hope. Donning a black mask, he believes he can only help at night and from the darkened corners of the city but, through he and Foggy’s two-pronged assault, he realizes he can maintain his two identities, still unleashing his “devil” and still doing what is right through the law.

The Yin and Yang of Villainy

As the ray of light shines on this new endeavor, as real change is made and the truth is exposed, Fisk and Vanessa meet, being the visual counterbalance to one another; she in all-white and he in all-black. Even as he is pulled away from her, after a not too romantic proposal, the last image is the starkness of her attire and his apartment, and the promise of a well-laid plan. As the workers of Nelson & Murdock cheers, Fisk talks about his lack of religion, further developing him as the antithesis of Matt, whose religion has been brought up countless times in the season, but also in the episode itself. Fisk recalls the story of the Good Samaritan, illustrating Matt and his friends, while Fisk believes the Good Samaritan was him. But rather than thinking himself to be one thing, like Matt does, Fisk has accepted who he is, and recognizes himself as the “ill intent”.

Matt’s Suit

As Foggy and Matt have a discussion about who Matt really is, Karen seems to recognize that there might be more work here than either of them are telling her. Protected by a small army, the only promise of recompense seems destined to be the Daredevil, the only person truly matched for him, despite their last encounter. Matt, as Iron Man so famously coined for the franchise, “suits up”. Fully donned in Melvin’s gear, Matt is ready, at long last, to be the horned protector of Hell’s Kitchen. As Fisk makes promises to Vanessa, Matt declares he’ll keep his promise to Melvin and, without truly saying it, to his city.

The Boss Battle

Matt holds good on his promise insofar as making a grand entrance and the two are forced to finally face one another again, a final boss battle. Once again, Fisk and Matt run parallel to one another, both wanting to make the city a better place but neither agreeing on the means to do it; both having things taken from them by the other, Fisk and Matt fight for their ideologies as well as the meaning they have assigned to their lives. Fisk being fully exposed by the media and Matt being exposed by Foggy too holds a distinct parallel, as their power lied in their anonymity. They were stronger in the shadows, which remains true as they fight brutally in an alley. Just as Fisk is dominated, a different alliance appears, one that declaratively states, despite Matt being a vigilante, he has friends of the law and has proven, despite Fisk’s idea, that he can make a difference. Matt’s acknowledgment of the law and the vigilante offers a stronger opposition to men like Fisk.

A New Future Won’t Erase the Past

And, just like that, Nelson & Murdock is back together. Seemingly at square one, despite there being stark differences with the three of them now, some good and some bad, as Karen points out that tragedy has still befallen them. A decision is made that Fisk’s arrest isn’t a washing-away of the awful past, but a recognizing of the possible future. Their future seems destined and set, the possibility of a love affair brewing a little too obviously, and, as a parallel, Fisk is relegated to his new room. But he too has found comfort, the very thing that solidifies him and calms him: a blank wall, the canvas seeming to be promises and new possibilities.


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