Connie Britton’s Future On Nashville Uncertain

As Nashville heads from ABC to CMT following a cancellation, we’ve already come to terms with the exits of Will Chase and Aubrey Peeples, but no one expected the show to carry on without Connie Britton, who only signed on for 10 out of 22 episodes of Season 5.

Do they really expect Nashville to be able to thrive without Connie Britton or her hair? Rayna Jaymes is the show, she is the “Queen of Country,” and if talks between Britton and the network don’t result in her signing on for the whole season, maybe Nashville should’ve been cancelled.

The series began with Rayna Jaymes and her fading spotlight, and we’ve followed her throughout her journey back to the top. Calling someone the Queen of Country and then tackling a country music show just seems bizarre, but it wouldn’t be the only instance of this. Technically, Luke Wheeler was the King of Country, but they’re writing him out of the upcoming season, too.

That comparison is different though, of course. Luke was introduced in Season 2, and he’s fallen out of the story ever since his relationship with Rayna was broken up by Deacon.

Also, how could they realistically write out Rayna without writing out Deacon, Maddie, and Daphne? The only option would be her death, but that would be even more of a disservice to this series than ABC’s cancellation. If the entire family were to leave, that shortens the main cast by four people, meaning getting rid of Luke and Layla was unnecessary.

Connie Britton is the star of this show as much as Hayden Panettiere, who has signed on for all 22 episodes surprisingly, and the overarching focus has been Rayna’s journey through this new chapter of her life in the city of country music.

After all she’s been through, would it be a great ending to the character to write her off without finishing her story?


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