Confessions of a Procrastinator

Confession: I do not have my shit together. I’m a top-notch procrastinator, who works full-time and goes to college full-time, so with as much free time as I have, I definitely do not spend it being a perfect employee/student.

I love to work out, but not always do I have the motivation or the desire to hit the gym daily, and I’m not someone who goes to yoga class every morning, or practices kickboxing. I have just as much homework as everyone else, paired with freelance writing for a few different websites, so you may be asking, when is the “free time” you mentioned above?

When I do have a day off, I don’t spend it being productive, usually. I sometimes do my homework on my busy days, fitting it in between work, gym, and school, so my free days can be spent with Netflix.

I have a list of series that I’m watching (some for the first time, some for the fifth). A list that includes Friends, because I can’t get enough of them, Pretty Little Liars, and Glee.

When I do work out, it’s usually because my only other option is tackling that homework or a review that I haven’t started yet. Cardio is my friend, sometimes.

I live out of my car. I always have a spare change of clothes — work, gym, and normal clothes — because I make last minute, spontaneous plans, especially when I have a busy day. I randomly go to my friends’ houses, go out for food, stay the night someone, so having a backup of everything in my car is a necessity from personal hygiene to wardrobe. Trash, however, is always taken out, because you can live from your car and not be a fucking animal.

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As a writer, whenever I’m hit with a new idea I have to write it down. Which usually leads to a story, or something of the sort, breaking out my inner procrastinator. I can’t focus on homework and real work when I have my new, best-selling novel idea.

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