Red Hood

Red Hood: A Symbol of Hope

Throughout my life, I have seen my favorite characters go through quite horrible traumas. Whether it being part of their backstory like Bruce Wayne witnessing the murder of his parents or seeing it in action, such as Buffy having to kill Angel in order to save the world from decathla.

There are very few of these amazing characters that show what it actually is to go through emotional trauma. I had a hard time finding any until I first saw Jason Peter Todd AKA Red Hood. Some people found solace in Superman or Wonder Woman, and I love those characters deeply, but none meant the most to me as Jason did as he reminded me of my past struggles. Before I go on, for those who don’t know and there’s no way I can completely tell Jason’s history or my own but to recap this is who Jason Todd is. The second Robin to Batman, he is the “dead Robin” introduced in 1983 as a carbon copy of Dick Grayson. He dies in the same era six years later at the hands of Joker (tortured by a crowbar and dying in an explosion, while trying to keep his own mother who sold him out to the joker safe).

In 2004, thanks to Judd Winnick and Doug Mahnke, they brought him back as Red Hood, instead of being a hero like the rest of the bat-family, Jason’s Red Hood is an anti-hero. Continue reading “Red Hood: A Symbol of Hope”