Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Review: Princeton Offense (Season 1 Episode 5)

After nearly killing herself, Tandy has newfound control over her abilities, at least the present ones, while the bond between Tandy and Tyrone is further developed through their connected powers.

On Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 5, “Princeton Offense,” witnessing the death of Greg the lawyer barely makes a mark on Tandy, while Tyrone struggles with his usual mundane activities. Meanwhile, Detective O’Reilly is now after the killer of Billy Johnson, which brings her closer to the fold. How long before she discovers this all goes much deeper than just a teenage boy’s murder?

Tandy’s Mission

Tandy’s now hot on Roxxon’s trail as she realizes the company is willing to go much further than her father’s murder to keep themselves clean from whatever mess they’re hiding. It’s intriguing to see how brilliant Tandy is; she has book smarts and street smarts, so she’s an enormous threat to anyone who gets in her way. With her digging into Roxxon, who knows what she’ll find, but Tandy isn’t going to be safe for long. She’s investigating the company that framed her father after his death for things he was not responsible for, who murdered Greg after he got too close to the truth, and she’s going to be next if they figure out what she’s trying to do.

Showing up at such a powerful person’s house to investigate him a bit was a bold move, and hopefully that’s not what gets Tandy found out. She’s discovered someone else whose father was killed, just like her own, and their future bond could be interesting because Mina is going to understand Tandy in a way no one else ever could. However, she’s working for the company that posed her father’s death as an accident, so is she completely fooled by them in ways Tandy is not? Much of Tandy’s personality has developed due to her intense sense of loneliness, which will hopefully start to fade as she inevitably grows close to both Tyrone and Mina in different ways. Both represent a side of her that no one else can ever attempt to understand because of the circumstances leading up to it, while Tandy also has the chance to create lifelong friendships and bonds with those surrounding her during this time of her life. Maybe Tandy’s relationship with her mother might even improve as they inevitably go after Roxxon for what the company did to her father.

Tyrone’s Brother

My biggest problem, personally, with Tyrone’s story thus far is it is 100% about his brother or Tandy. He’s not developing on his own because every single thing he does is compared to his brother in some way, and now his powers and their development are being compared to Tandy’s and how fast she’s getting control. Tyrone really is an outsider in his own life, and I want to see more of his own personality develop rather than just seeing the makeshift personality he’s created to fit the mold of his late brother.

Also, Tyrone needs to take serious control of the situations of his life. He’s after the cop who killed his brother and finally went to someone for help with this new information, but as soon as she told him to take a seat and let the police handle it, he did. Tyrone has abilities that make him invaluable to stop the threat posed by Connors, but he’s still running and hiding behind the memory of his brother. Even if this new detective wants to get the truth, why does he think things will turn out any differently than they did before? His brother’s murder is never going to be ruled a murder, O’Reilly said that herself.


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