Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Review: First Light and Suicide Sprints (Season 1 Episode 1 and 2)

The story of Tandy and Tyrone begins long before their powers become the defining quality of their lives. Instead, as children, the two recall a time not long ago that changed everything about themselves and set them on new paths.

On Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 1, “First Light,” Tandy and Tyrone’s lives are thrown off by an accident at Roxxon Corporation which, unbeknownst to them, altered them in ways they are just beginning to figure out. The night their bodies changed is also the night both lost those they were closest with—Tandy’s father and Tyrone’s brother—and it changed their futures and set them on a path to (eventually) take on Roxxon for the damages they’ve caused.


Tandy is definitely my favorite character thus far, especially with how she handled herself in the second half of this premiere. After the unthinkable almost happened, Tandy stayed calm and focused to remain free from the mess that she inadvertently created. I wish the writers would have put a little more effort into focusing on Tandy’s reaction to what almost happened with that rich kid, at least once the adrenaline wore off and she was fully able to process the night, but regardless, Tandy is a bad ass bitch and she’s going to be the threat of the show, for sure.

The con, however, is her personality… to an extent. She’s so guarded, shut down, and cold that it’s hard to connect with her, even if you want to. Creating a relationship with Tandy is going to be difficult for both characters and viewers because she’s written so distant and closed off, so it’s hard to find a piece of Tandy to hold onto.


While it’s certainly a devastating and tragic event that launched Tyrone’s family into the future, it seems to define them. Everything they do is dictated by how they can prevent the same thing that happened to Billy from happening to Tyrone, especially with the current political landscape in America. I’d like to see who Tyrone is without his brother’s shadow lurking over him. Currently, we’re learning more about Billy than about Tyrone, and it’s terrible to see that his character isn’t being created or developed because the backstory of his brother’s life has to take the main seat for his vendetta against the police officer to make sense and be prevalent.

Tyrone, as awful as his past may be, seems very sheltered, protected, and innocent, which is quite the opposite from Tandy. As the series progresses, Tyrone needs to come out of his shell a little so we can see who Tyrone Johnson is and what he’s capable of, not just Tyrone playing the role of Billy. 

Their Abilities

Not only does Tandy have the ability to see people’s hopes and dreams, but she also conjures a dagger to fight through the darkness of hopelessness which engulfs her quite often. Tyrone, on the other hand, can see fears and teleport away, which I suppose is pretty useful as well. Both sides to these powers are heartbreaking; Tandy can see the hopes of those she touches, which may not always be hopes that can be fulfilled, especially for those like her mother who lost the love of their life and still hope for a day where her family is reunited. While it’s good to have hope, hope can break you apart in just as many ways as fear can, but at least the visions Tandy is having aren’t disturbing images.

Tandy and Tyrone balance the light and darkness out within each other, but the ultimate question is whether or not they’ll ever be able to come close to one another without the world tearing them apart. These two are clearly supposed to embark on some adventurous, romantic, deadly journey together as they get justice for those they lost and attempt to mend the broken parts of themselves, but if they cannot make contact without being forcefully thrown in opposite directions, how will they ever help one another?

I’m excited to see more investigation into what their powers can do on their own, rather than pushing Tandy and Tyrone together to figure things out. Yes, their powers are clearly connected to each other and they can’t fully escape one another, but they also are immensely powerful on their own, so let’s see what they can do before they become a team.


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