Clearing the Smoak: What Arrow Should Do with Felicity in Season 6

Well, we are nearing that time folks! The Season 6 premiere of Arrow. As most of you know, Season 5 ended on a very explosive note after the infamous island of torture and flashbacks, Lian Yu, was sent up in flames after Adrian Chase a.k.a. Prometheus shot himself. A big part of this upcoming season is the mystery of who survived the explosion.

Obviously we know the series’ lead character, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, has survived, and along with casting news we can confirm Black Siren, Dinah Drake, Wild Dog, and Slade Wilson will be returning in some capacity. Unofficially, however, we know the show’s resident hacker, Felicity Smoak, will be returning as well, due to behind the scenes images captured during filming. As I mentioned in a previous article, it’s no secret that fans of Arrow are torn when it comes to Felicity as a character. Many enjoyed her Season 1-2 shtick but grew tired of her presence in Season 3 onward.

With everything all but pointing to Felicity’s return, let’s take a look at ways the character can allow fans to become more affluent with her presence in Arrow Season 6.  

Show Less of her POV

The good, and at times bad, thing about Arrow is that it features an ensemble cast. Though the series primarily focuses on its protagonist, Oliver Queen, other characters get time to shine with their own storylines. However, for the past three seasons, many character narratives have been overshadowed by the stories written for Felicity. Felicity is a progressive character in her right, despite how some fans despise her, but she has been the focus enough. Season 6 should have Felicity step to the side a bit and let the series tackle more stories featuring other characters.

Have Her Mature

Okay, so we know one of the main things that had people falling in love with Felicity was her quirkiness and the off-putting remarks she probably meant to think instead of speak aloud. Though those can be entertaining character traits, it becomes a significant problem when they’re constantly written in, showing no signs of the character’s maturation. This isn’t to say the character hasn’t developed or changed since her season 1 debut, but these quirky, awkward girl qualities is partly why the character is so frowned upon now. Felicity’s comments now only serve to allude to her attraction to Oliver, let slip information that other character’s weren’t supposed to know or just simply take away from the severity of whatever situation Team Arrow is facing.

Dump her Relationship with Oliver

Just as much as Felicity can be despised by some, much can be said about her on again off again relationship with Oliver. Olicity has become one of the focal points of this superhero series, but in some cases it’s become its downfall. With much of it taking over the show’s narrative in seasons 3 and 4, viewership started to decline. In season 5 the relationship was put on the back burner and genuinely showed Oliver and Felicity working together as friends rather than in a relationship. The dynamic worked well and echoed that of their relationship in Season 1 and 2, but once again it became muddled when the latter half of the season featured the two reconciling over their break up.

It’s been greatly hinted that the two will resume their relationship, but these characters work better as a crime-fighting duo rather than a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. If the writers are planning on giving these two a second chance, they need to have their romantic plots be minimal so that it doesn’t take over the story.

Show Her Being More Positive

One of the more redeeming qualities about Felicity Smoak as a character is that she is quick to call Oliver out when she opposes his actions. All heroes need that mental and physical conscious to help guide them when they make decisions. The writers have done a better job at letting Felicity be that physical conscious, but outside of that she tends to be very negative. From not understanding why Oliver couldn’t tell her about his secret love child to the treatment of her own mother and her overall irritation when someone doesn’t see things her way, Felicity has dimmed the light she once brought to the show in her first outing.

Could there be a chance Oliver’s brooding has started to show on her? Having Felicity be a little more optimistic while saving the day in Star City could have a more profound impact on the energy and weight that her character holds, making her more of a delight to see on-screen.


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What would you think about the series with these changes? Leave a comment down below!

Arrow Season 6 premieres Thursday October 12 @ 8/7 c. on the CW. And make sure to check out more of The TV Type on Twitter!

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2 comments on “Clearing the Smoak: What Arrow Should Do with Felicity in Season 6

  1. Less Felicity More Green Arrow

    October 13, 2017 at 11:30 pm Reply

    I know I can’t stand Felicity and I’m going to try to be nice, but she’s one of the worst characters I have seen on TV in a long time. She is so underdeveloped. The way she treats people is the worst. Even going back to season 1, she’s never known how to treat people and has always made people feel less than her because she’s smart. Another issue with Felicity is they create things to do for her; to save the day. They’ve made her a unrealistic person who can do no wrong even while they’re doing the wrong things.

    I agree with everything but Felicity being the physical conscious, that is not Felicity. That’s what the creators have tried to create her to be, but it’s not what she has been. Oliver needs guidance he doesn’t need someone to tell him what to do. Felicity is too emotionally immature to guide him to those difficult decisions, because she wants Oliver to do and become what she wants, not what he needs to do or become.

  2. Send her to the morgue.

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