Claws Series Preview: All’s Fair in Money Laundering and War

Desna, a successful salon owner, tries to balance her love life, her company, her mentally ill twin brother, and her money laundering business, while the Dixie Mafia and other competitors use whatever methods necessary to try to keep her down. 

The TNT dramedy Claws, created by executive producer Rashida Jones, promises to be the new angst-ridden summer drama we’ve all been waiting for. The diverse cast of Niecy Nash (Desna), Jason Antoon (Dr. Ken Brickman), Jack Kesy (Roller), Jenn Lyon (Jen),  Dean Norris (Uncle Daddy), Carrie Preston (Polly), Judy Reyes (Quiet Ann), and Karrueche Tran (Virginia), listed on the IMDb website, show more than a knack for comedic timing in the previews and short clips that seems to perfectly balance the high stakes of money laundering and mafia business. I can’t wait to see these women navigate the world of organized crime.

The Story

As Variety explains, Desna runs a nail salon that launders tons of dirty money from the Roller’s pain clinic. She initially planned to get out of the business after just a year. However, the Dixie Mafia doesn’t want one of their key players to leave, just yet. This series follows Desna and her motley crew, Jennifer (a single mother of two), Quiet Ann (the salon’s security and Desna’s driver), Polly (the sweet ex-convict), and Virginia (the young, boujee friend with her head in the clouds), as they to fight for their success, their way of life and well… their lives in general.

The Tone

I don’t believe this show is supposed to be taken too seriously. In actuality, I think it’s meant to give a lightened perspective of the money laundering world. However, this also doesn’t mean there won’t be serious repercussions for Desna’s line of business. This show alludes to a wonderful mixture of equal parts shock, tears, and laughter.

There are similar shows that juggle both engrossing dramas and bizarre comedies. For example, Californication, Weeds, and Orange Is the New Black are all successful shows in the past that explored this same genre. So if these shows are any indication of how good Claws will be, I’m completely here for it.  A funny, riveting way to spend your relaxing Sunday night is not the only reason to watch and support.

Why You Should Watch

In this new age of girl power and feminism, we need more and more shows like Claws that are told from the perspective of women. This show is not only an opportunity to support women-lead TV shows but also an opportunity to support TNT’s new direction toward more light-hearted fare.  Usually, TNT is all about seedy dramas from their shows like The Last Ship, Animal Kingdom, and Major Crimes. However, Claws shows an intent to branch out into a wider variety of television, and that’s always something to watch out for.

The show began as a 30-minute addition to the HBO lineup, so you know it won’t shy away from the more tactile scenes. Since the pilot was picked up by TNT, it has been expanded to a 10, 1-hour episode series that is sure to have you on the edge of your seats and spitting out water in laughter.

What do you all think? Does this show sound like it will be a good addition to your Sunday routines? Let me knows your ideas in the comment section below!

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