Claws Review: Escape and Teatro (Season 1 Episodes 7 and 8)

In the last couple of episodes of Claws, Roller finally escapes from Gladys. Quiet Ann gets deep into her relationship with the cop that has huge conflicts of interest. Desna and Jen deal with their friendship problems. Polly and Ken start a friends with benefits relationship, and Virginia plays with fire. 

On Claws Season 1 Episode 8, the show progresses in fits and starts. Initially, around Claws Season 1 Episode 2, the show did a good job balancing the drama and the comedy. It went by slowly, but it had a smooth progression. However, the writing in Claws Season 1 Episodes 7 and 8 had been so sporadic it’s been hard to make sense of situations. Desna can’t catch a break from Jen having a mental breakdown and Roller coming back into town. Virginia plays with fire by playing with Dean’s hydrant. Polly and Ken finally have sex, and but Ken (obviously) wants more, and Quiet Ann’s girlfriend starts dipping into cases that could either get her killed or Desna and the crew sent to jail.

Claws Season 1 Episode 7
The Art Show in South Beach

Roller’s so much smarter than he initially let on in Claws Season 1 Episode 1. This man talked and manipulated his way out of the clutches of a thoroughly crazy woman, Gladys. Speaking of her, Claws truly made her craziness humanize her. At first, she was simply comedic in her eccentric behaviors.

Then once they explored how her BDSM psychopathy stems from some rooted and dangerous insecurities, I sort of felt bad for her when she crumbled in the streets of South Beach.

Contrastingly, Virginia and Dean had fun in South Beach… maybe too much fun. Virginia promised to take care of Dean to Desna, but she and the audience know, having sex with Dean was not what Desna meant. Sometimes, I really don’t understand her. Polly said that her level of stupid is an act, but I truly doubt that. I honestly believe Virginia might also have an intellectual disability. There is rarely formal logic in her actions.

And poor Dean. Well, not from the sex in the episode. I’m sure that part was great. However, Dean’s attachment to people manifests differently than how others create attachments. When it doesn’t work out between Virginia and Dean, and Virginia moves on to someone else — Desna will catch hell trying to help Dean cope.

Desna and Jen’s Drama

As you all know from my previous reviews, I was having a hard time understanding Jen’s drama. It amazed me how she was willing to completely cut off her friendship with Desna because her husband killed two people of his own volition. Bryce wasn’t even showing the effects of murdering those people. It seemed like she was blowing things out of proportion.

She only had a problem with the murders after she found out Desna set it up. Before this, she told him to continue to work for Uncle Daddy, so they could keep the house. Desna was the one trying to get her to not make that horrible decision and she got called out for being a horrible friend for it.

The Poor Execution

However, I’ve realized I’ve been blaming the wrong person. It’s not Jen, it’s the writers. When they had Jen spiral and freak out about what Desna “made” him do, she just appeared to be a drama queen. Nobody was freaking out like she was. However, after we finally saw Bryce spiral, everything made more sense. Bryce should have been showing signs of spiraling since the murder episode, instead of him being perfectly fine for two episodes, only to feel the gravity of what he did after the new investors hinted they’d like him to do it too.

Maybe he could have shown a greater agitation. Maybe he could have been showing nervous ticks like pulling his hair out or ripping at the seams of his jeans. However, he was perfectly fine for two days, being the caring, sweet husband he always was. And once the two creepy investors alluded to his future services, he spiraled, did a line of coke, and then yelled at Jen. 

This is what I meant in fits and starts. However, after this event happened, the show seemed to find its tempo again. Jen’s reaction before wasn’t justified, in context, but at least it made more sense. And for the remaining part of the episode, Desna’s talk with Uncle Daddy, Polly’s conclusion with the young girl she was mentoring, etc. fell into place. 

It’s just sad this didn’t occur until the end.

Claws Season 1 Episode 8

This episode did a lot better in tone and progression than Claws Season 1 Episode 7. It starts with the drama of Roller’s return as he claims amnesia, Desna and the team scramble to figure out what he actually knows. Once they figure it out, they start a domino effect that hints to bad news for everyone.

Polly and Quiet Ann

Polly and Quiet Ann are twinsies in their conflicts of interest. Polly’s having sex with Ken, the cling monster, who also works with her. And Quiet Ann’s in a relationship with the cop, Arlene Branch, who’s been investigating Uncle Daddy for corruption. Ladies, these aren’t great life decisions. It’s fine to get your rocks off when you need them and it’s also fine to settle down with someone you care about — just not when they have the potential to ruin everything else in your life or make it harder. 

Polly’s situation is a lot less serious than Quiet Ann’s situation, though. It’s great to see Ann in a different setting, showing more parts of her personality and her past, but this will be so problematic in the future. Is it worth it?

Desna, Jen, and Their Men

So, yeah, Roller pops up out of nowhere and pretends he doesn’t remember anything. Initially, he got me. I honestly thought he forgot what happened. However, once he looked at Virginia and told Dean, “she’s more dangerous than she looks,” I immediately knew that he remembered everything. He was just being the professional manipulator that he’s shown to be. A part of me still believes Roller does love Desna. I believe he was perfectly fine with pretending that everything didn’t happen to be with her. In his own twisted, gross way, he loves her. 

Talking about twisted love. Jen and her husband’s relationship spiraled really fast. Out of nowhere, he’s become an a-hole. It’s still hard to feel bad for Jen because she chose this life as well, with full knowledge of what could happen. However, I do hope she finds happiness. Whether it’s with the Jewish country dancer or her husband. Jen and the girls deserve better. 

What’s Next

We left off in a bad place for nearly everyone. Desna’s on the chopping block with Roller, unless she works with him. Although, he might kill her afterward anyway because she knows too much. Virginia is next to get the ax when Desna’s out the way. Jen must deal with her husband’s erratic behavior, and it appears that her work is cut out for her, now that he’s back on drugs and is becoming increasingly hostile. 

Quiet Ann has to make a decision about Detective Branch. To either trust her and tell her everything or leave her before Ann leads her to the corruption behind the clinic. Roller’s going to get killed by the Russian Mafia, regardless of if he comes up with the funds. And the Russians might preemptively strike at Uncle Daddy before he can attack first. 

The only people who aren’t in immediate danger are sweethearts Polly and Ken. All they have to worry about is the answer to the big “what are we?” question that Ken will undoubtedly ask soon.  


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What are your thoughts of Claws season 1 episodes 7 and 8? What do you all think will happen next episode? Will Roller get out of his deal with the Russian mafia alive? What about Desna and her crew? Will they be able to pull off the unthinkable again? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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