Claws Review: Self-Portrait (Season 1 Episode 6)

In the last episode of Claws (season 1 episode 6), Jen flips faster than a robbery heist get-away-driver in an interrogation room. Desna tries to get situated in her new comfortable existence with regular people problems. Quiet Ann’s romance could get everyone caught and Roller’s new best friends is a shock collar.

On Claws Season 1 Episode 6, “Self Portrait,” Desna finally found a good man who treats her with respect and she can’t stop self-sabotaging because she’s used to chaos. Jen sings a new tune now that the drug money has touched her hands. Quiet Ann finally found a woman she wants to try to build a relationship with, but the woman is all kinds of problematic. Virginia finally finds her way into the crew. Roller gets treated like the scroungy dog he is, and lastly, Polly is still being… well, Polly.

Desna Tries to Get Her Life Together

Desna needs to get it together. The girls were right when they told her she was self-sabotaging. She no longer works for the clinic, but she left her date because Ken was freaking out? That’s no longer her problem. Why would she care? I’m also confused why exactly she feels guilty about Jen’s husband. 

Desna did not tell Bryce to shoot the Coombses. Bryce took that upon himself and he wasn’t even negatively affected by it like everyone thought. Not even Jen really cared when it was all said and done. So why should Desna beat herself up over it? It’s like she needs to punish herself. She won’t allow herself to be happy.

A part of me hopes Roller does show his face, so she can let the burden of his death lift from her shoulders. Well… I hope he shows up, but doesn’t pin the attack on Desna. Maybe the crazy lady that has him hostage will teach him a lesson or two and humble him. 

Jen’s Done a Complete 180

I was really disappointed with Jen in this episode. All the talk and worry she had in the first 5 episodes swirled down the drain the moment Uncle Daddy showed her the house. It’s frustrating how easily she flipped when she seemed like the level-headed one in the group. 

I’m sure her change of heart happens for metaphorical reasons. It’s easy to tell others not to do bad things and act rational when the money isn’t going into your hands. She’s been on her husbands back to stay away from Uncle Daddy. She’s been in Desna’s ear to finally break her ties. But the moment Uncle Daddy says “musical program,” she flips.

Jen says she’s doing it for her kids, but it’s hard for me to believe that. Her come-up would have come sooner or later now that Desna and crew are in the new shop. It might have been shaky at first, but their new clientele would be in a whole new tax bracket. So the tips would also have extra digits as well. 

Jen just wants the quick come-up. Instead of admitting to herself that she made a mistake accepting the house, she vilifies Desna and tells herself a number of things to make her decision okay. Her okay-ing Bryce’s job at the clinic will definitely lead to issues down the road.  

Quiet Ann’s New Relationship Screams Trouble

Poor Quiet Ann. For the first time in what seems like a long time, she found someone she really likes. She was smiling, talking more, etc. At first, Desna didn’t clarify why Ann dating a cop was such a bad thing. Simply because her new lady was a cop, doesn’t mean she would dig up the information about the clinic or even suspect there was something fishy going on.

However, as the episode went on, it became clear why caution was necessary. Quiet Ann’s new woman proved to be a cop investigating the clinic. What’s worse? They don’t know if she can be bought off, yet. Apparently she’s a girl scout with a squeaky clean past. What’s going to happen when she stumbles upon Quiet Ann or Desna’s involvement? Desna has tried to break her tis, but it’s clear as long as they keep calling, she’ll keep coming to help.

Virginia and Polly Continue to Be Themselves for Better or for Worse

Virginia made stupid mistakes… again. Desna had to bail her out… again. However, this time the dynamic shifted. It seems Virginia is officially a part of the crew. Especially now that she knows she can’t trust the only other friend she had (her stripper co-worker who set her up). Come on Virginia. Even I saw her friend’s real meaning behind “doing a little dancing.” Has she never seen Player’s club? 

Last episode was more drama than comedy, but at least we got the breaks with Polly. She was my favorite part of the episode. Her lightness and honesty is always well appreciated. I wouldn’t mind having another Polly centric episode, but one on with a lighter tone than her last one. It would be amazing to see Polly and Desna in their element having fun. Their relationship seems to be the strongest out of everyone now. 

Roller and His Wonderfully Poetic Shock Collar

So, the woman who kidnapped Roller is actually really crazy. Roller’s acting skills rival 90’s Mel Gibson. And I fully expect Roller to make it out of his captivity by the end of next episode. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy every time he gets shocked for the time being. 

I want to feel bad for him but all I can think about is that Kim Kardashian gif, “It’s what she deserves.” He treated women horribly throughout his life and raped Virginia. He deserves a little time with karma. Although everything is calm now, chaos will reign when he gets out or finally makes that phone call to Uncle Daddy.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Roller didn’t tell Uncle Daddy Desna did it, just so he could hold it over her head. I know earlier I wrote that his current situation might humble him, but let’s be real. He’ll most likely come out of this exactly how he went in: a horrible human being. 


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What’s next for Desna and her crew? Last episode ended with Jen figuring out (somehow) that Desna set up the Coombses. It’s only a matter of time before Desna spills the beans (or Virginia). Will it break them apart forever? Can their best-friendship stand this test of loyalty? 

What did you think Claws Season 1 Episode 6?  Did you agree with Desna about Uncle Daddy or did you believe Jen’s justifications? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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