Claws Preview: Self-Portrait (Season 1 Episode 6)

Desna and the crew go up against a rival salon in notorious Florida nail competition. Although the promotional video doesn’t go into detail about why this competition is so important, it seems Desna’s dream future hinges on the results of the competition. 

In Claws Season 1 Episode 6, “Self-Portrait,” Desna now has her full focus aimed at her nail empire. Although everything was peachy when Desna went to look at the new salon she would buy, it’s clear the camaraderie has shattered. Her realtor, Mandy gave her two options last episode: get the runner-up salon at discounted price or pay full price for her dream salon. So now, the Desna must win this nail competition in order to attain her dream in starting her own salon. 

Desna and the Crew

Now that Uncle Daddy is out of the way, Desna’s new enemy lies in a rival nail salon. Claws “Self-Portrait” promises to show us a more playful side of Desna and I can’t wait. Ever since the beginning of the season, she’s been weighed down by her and Virginia’s secret. Now she’s just focused on obtaining her dreams. 

The women at her 2nd choice salon test her abilities. While the women at her dream salon think Desna and her crew are too ghetto to make it with their clientele. To prove both salons wrong and make them put some respect on her name, Desna needs to win this competition.

Now that Roller’s death is behind Virginia too, her story might circle around her getting closer to the Desna’s crew. She’s basically had one foot in and one foot out since the beginning of the season. You can tell that she wants to join them and be a part of their family. However, her attitude and need to be the center of attention make that hard for her, since the rest of the crew tend to be humble and caring. 

Polly will most likely try to focus on herself and aiding in Desna’s dream since it directly affects her own. If Desna’s salon is successful, she gets more money, and she gets out of the hood. And Jen will still be trying to deal with her fractured husband. The responsibility to patch up the family rests completely on her. This job gets more and more difficult when you take into account Bryce’s crazy ridiculous family.

Uncle Daddy and the Family

Speaking of Uncle Daddy and his equally insane wife, what’s next for them? Roller’s “murderers” now sleep 6 feet under. The only thing he has left to worry about is getting the clinic back to what it used to be. This is where his manipulations come into play. 

I thought it was pretty weird that Uncle Daddy put them $88,000 in debt only for the debt to be completely repaid in 2 episodes. It seemed like that huge number would be an arc explored for the rest of the season. Paying Uncle Daddy back so they can get out of the business. However now, they’re technically out. 

They paid him back and Rollers killers are dead. I believe the reason Claws hinted at Uncle Daddy’s manipulations is that they plan to make him do something bigger than he did before to keep Bryce and Desna under his thumb. The success of the last “heist” means he’ll probably go bigger and badder next time.


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How far will Uncle Daddy go to keep his mafia family and Bryce under his thumb? Will Desna win the competition and be that much closer to her dreams? Will Roller escape the Crazy Lady? Share your thoughts about Claws Season 1 Episode 6, “Self Protrait,” in the comments section below! 

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