Claws Review: Bats**t (Season 1 Episode 5)

Desna and the crew finally get their salon right as Bryce and Uncle Daddy kill Desna’s evil foster parents, thinking they were Roller’s killers. Everything seems to be on the up and up for Desna, until we find out that Roller is still alive. 

Claws Season 1 Episode 5, “Bats**t,” took us on a wild ride. With a little unexpected help from Virginia, Desna get the idea to frame her foster parents. However, a plan is just a plan without someone to finish the job. Thank God they had Polly come through with the clutch finish. Desna ended up with her first-choice salon, Uncle Daddy off her back, and revenge for herself and her brother. The only people who didn’t end this episode in bliss was Jen and Bryce.

The Plan

Desna actually pulled it off. She actually pulled off her game plan to frame the foster parents from hell. The same foster parents who made Desna and Dean eat out of dog bowls and poop in the yard. However, there’s one little detail we didn’t initially know. They also raped Dean. 

Now we know exactly why Dean loses his mind every time he saw or heard their names. I feel him to the fullest. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to grow up like this. To have people who were supposed to protect you do such horrible things and to know that the government wouldn’t help you even if you told someone. Goodness.

Claws did a great job making us despise those people so much. When they got shot in the back, my only wish was that they could’ve drawn out their deaths and make them suffer like Desna and Dean did.

The Finish

Polly surprised me the most this episode. I knew she had some gangsta somewhere in her. But she showed way more than a bit of guts this episode. She was a ride or die through and through and didn’t hesitate to protect Desna. What’s more? She pulled off the entire thing then hit a light run to the car. Yaassss, Polly. Girl, yaasss! 

Her scene with Virginia was just as amazing. I knew I couldn’t be the only one who was tired of Virginia’s stupid actions and stank attitude. Polly showed her frustration in the best way: with a knife and vanilla frosted cupcakes. I died laughing when she forced Virginia to end one. Just eat the cake Anna Mae.

I hope we see more of this die-hard side of Polly. Her resurgence of confidence felt great to watch after Polly broke down in Claws episode 4, The Fall Out. It was depressing seeing Polly break down on the curb. However, it appears that she needed to kick her butt into gear. 

The Repercussions

Because of Bryce’s misplaced loyalty (in murder not in avenging his brother), there will be serious consequences. Bryce already had trouble grasping cutting up a body. A body that he didn’t actually murder. Bryce actually shot those bodies in that gorgeous suburban home with stainless steel appliances and gorgeous white tiled floors.

Now those same tiles are stained with blood, just like Bryce’s hands. This will result in horrible psychological consequences that Jen will have to deal with. She was right when reminded Bryce that he had daughters to think about before he tried to shoot Ken. Murder would forever fracture his mind and brings blood and violence into the house with young girls. 

Side note: Did anyone else think it was odd Desna did all the talking when it was Jen’s husband that had the melt down? Just me? Okay. 

Anyway, now Jen must decide what she wants to do. Bryce clearly has made his decision. And the emotional and psychological repercussions could lead him back to abusing drugs. What will she do now? The worst part is Bryce did have a choice in this one. He didn’t have to murder those people. The corrupt cop, Chip Lauderdale, had planned to shoot the final bullets.

It’s going to be sad days for Bryce in the future. He might get past this situation, or he might not. There’s a good chance he just might lose his mind. Out damned spot, Out. 

The Major Twist

Speaking of old-timey murder-dramas (that last line was a Macbeth quote if you missed it), Roller’s situation screams Stephen King’s Misery remixed. Of course, Roller isn’t a crazy talented best-selling author. But that woman showed herself to be just as crazy as Annie Wilkes. Who’s that happy after finding an abandoned body in a burning boat?

Not only that, but did you guys see the collar around his neck? I’ll be shocked if this situation doesn’t lead to some seriously crazy future BDSM scenes. She obviously plans to keep him as her sexual pet. And Roller deserves every second of this. Karma is a bitch.

The only problem lies in the fact that he has to be alive to get his just desserts. In addition, if he’s anything like Paul Sheldon from Misery, then he’ll get out. And when he does, he’s going straight for Desna and Virginia. 

Overall, this was an amazing episode. So much happened and so many new stories have had their ground stones laid. Desna begins at her new nail salon that has a price that will raise eye-brows, Roller’s killers finally murdered or not. Dean and Desna will have the funds to start over in a new neighborhood. Jen must deal with her husband’s deadly decisions. And Roller will try to find a way back home. 


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