Claws Preview: Bats**t (Season 1 Episode 5)

On the next episode of Claws, Somehow Desna and crew save Kenneth as Desna cooks up a plan to pin Roller’s murder on her old, evil foster parents. The whole fiasco looks like its behind Desna and Virginia, until the audience gets a peak into a new wild twist. 

Claws season 1 episode 5, “Bats**t,” promises non-stop action as the girls figure out a way to save each other and themselves. The crew saves Kenneth from dying for a crime she and Virginia know he didn’t commit. Desna gets revenge on her foster parents for destroying her and her brother’s childhood. Jen continues to mend her husband’s mind from the disgusting things he’s had to do, and Polly gets violent at the thought of Virginia messing with her Desna. These women have huge trials on their hands and the stakes are getting higher and higher. 

Roller’s Murder Investigation

It surprised a lot of people when Bryce decided to pin the murder on Kenneth. A part of me feels like he just did it because Kenneth called Roller stupid. However, it was clear the type of stress Roller’s murder had on Bryce. Not only did he have the emotional burden of believing Roller’s death was his fault, but Uncle Daddy was putting more and more pressure on him to be someone he wasn’t.

This compounded with the temptation of being around all the pills after he just got out of rehab wasn’t a good formula for anything other than disaster. Thankfully, Jen got the information out of him fast enough for the crew to intervene for his life. However, now that they’ve lost a target, what will they do?

Uncle Daddy has to start getting kind of suspicius at how Desna and Virginia vehemently defend every person he brings to them, like they know for sure they didn’t do the crime. It’s only a matter of time before they turn on them with evidence or not. 

Desna’s Solution

To avoid this, Desna realized an amazing plan: pin the murder on her foster parents. This news comes in handy after Polly violently threatens Virgninia for messing with Desna. This woman always surprises me. Behind her sweet southern accent is a stone-cold killer. The crew ride and die for each other and it’s amazing. 

Who knows what they would do without mother Desna. Her solution to kill her foster parents in her stead sounds like a solid solution. Before anyone gasps of shock, lets collect the facts here. Desna clearly has her own psychological issues. Desna shows this characteristic when she kills Roller. 

Yes, Roller was raping Virginia and yes she had a bad day. However, now we know she was abused by her foster parents in her childhood. We didn’t get much indication on how they treated her and Dean; however, we did hear Jen say they forced Desna and her brother to eat out of dog bowls. That doesn’t sound like a happy home. 

They treated Desna and Dean like animals, and now we know what triggered Desna’s snap. She saw Roller treat Virginia like she was inhuman. So yes, now we understand and empathize with Desna even more. We also don’t feel bad that Desna will be pinning the murder on those horrible people either, because they did murder something. They murdered Dean and Desna’s childhoods and psychs. 

The Repercussions **Spoilers**

I can see the logic behind the solution, and there’s no judgement for her decision. But I do know that Desna will get her just deserts. This doesn’t necessarily mean death though.

*Warning Spoilers Below*

Turns out Roller is alive. Yes. You read that right. It’s in the promotional [bts] video for episode 5, but it was still a huge twist that I wish I didn’t watch. Now it’s too late and you’re in the know with us, so lets just hash it out. How could Roller still be alive when we all saw the boat go up in flames? Who knows.

Maybe the boat broke down first and the swamp water protected Roller. Or maybe the woman who kidnapped him from the boat was on the boat that passed the Desna and Virginia before they dragged the body to the dock. They had gorgeous smiles, but they definitely looked pretty rough and suspicious. 

Regardless of how the woman found the body — she did, and now Roller is her sex slave. Yes, you read that right, again. Roller gets his just deserts by someone using him like a piece of meat like he used Virginia. Karma is sweet.

How will Desna frame her foster parents for the crime? We know we goes down without a hitch, but what happens now that they caught Roller’s killer? Will Bryce continue working the clinic? And that Roller reveal! What does this new eccentric woman have in store for him? 

Share your predictions in the comments section below! 

Find out how everything pans out in the next episode of Claws this Sunday on TNT at 9/8c. Follow Canary Sisters on Twitter!

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