Claws Preview: Funerary (Season 1 Episode 2)

Desna and her salon crew must now deal with the repercussions of killing Roller. Uncle Daddy is on a single-minded mission to find whoever killed Roller and make them pay.

The promo for Claws Season 1 Episode 2 shows that time is not on Desna’s side. Quickly after she and Virginia hide Roller’s body on the boat and burn it, Uncle Daddy is hot on their trail. However, as with all organized crime – it is not just Desna and Virginia who will have to pay the price for their actions. Polly, Quiet Ann, and Jen will have to take the harassment from Uncle Daddy until he has enough evidence to close in on Desna.

Up the Chain of Command

Virginia seems to have already received the brunt of the first attack Uncle Daddy plans to unleash on Desna and her crew. Although it does seem she inflicted this on herself when she decided to go with a “new” plan. Uncle Daddy can’t get Desna to confess by going after her first, so he plans to make her sweat by attacking her crew one by one until Desna cries uncle.

The way Uncle Daddy was characterized in the first episode alluded to a man who doesn’t take any nonsense. This doesn’t bode well for the woman who made it clear to Uncle Daddy that she wasn’t satisfied with the way Roller had handled her, and a day or two later, Roller comes up missing. I love Desna, but she definitely didn’t think through this decision.

It’s Personal

Clearly, Uncle Daddy passionately loved Roller on “some crazy cousin lover shit.” Now Desna not only poked the bear, but then proceeded to murder his cub. With this personal attack on his family, I worry that Uncle Daddy will go further than Desna’s crew and attack Desna’s twin, Dean.

He clearly has no limits to what he’s willing to do to catch Roller’s killer, and Dean is unprotected at Desna’s home for a large part of the day. He is highly functional on the Autism Spectrum so I don’t think they’d be able to convince him to trust them, but trust isn’t needed when you have the tools to break the door down.

Desna’s crew showed nothing but loyalty in the first episode, which is a large part of why I fell in love with them. Although they’re a part of Dixie Mafia, they have their own core group and they’re willing to go to bat for each other. However, it’s easy to be loyal when the times are good. I hope they can continue to stick together in the face of the Dixie Mafia’s targeted harassment. Sadly, Jen and Desna have more than the crew to worry about, which could heavily affect their decisions. 

What’s to Come

Now Desna and the crew will have to figure out a way to get the Dixie Mafia off of their trail without anyone else getting beat up or worse. A way they could do this is to frame the Russian Mafia for the killing. We saw in the first episode that they already have their sights on Dixie Mafia’s enterprise, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to use the enemy of her enemy as a patsy.

Whatever plan they think of to get out of this mess, they need to think of it fast because Uncle Daddy is not here to play games.


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What do you all think will be the crew’s next move? Will Desna and Virginia get caught sooner rather than later? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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