‘The Inspectors’: Exclusive With Bret Green

The Inspectors is a crime series about the United States Postal Inspection Service solving everyday crimes that many of us don’t even know occur. Preston Wainwright, an intern for his mother who works for the USPIS, is the son of a postal inspector and also lives with paralysis that happened after a car accident.

Bret Green portrays the only physically challenged lead character on network television in The Inspectors on CBS. Read on for our interview with him as he goes in-depth about the lengths he and the series have taken to accurately portray someone who is physically disabled, and he dishes on what past series he would’ve loved to have a role on. (Hint: it involves football.)

What do you believe separates‎ “The Inspectors” from other television crime series?
Bret Green: I think The Inspectors is different because it educates viewers on crimes they might not already know about. These crimes are much more common than people think and could happen to you or someone you know. Also, each episode essentially has two completely different storylines, which keeps you engaged and on your toes as a viewer.

What is it like to portray a disabled lead character? Do you believe the disability is fairly and accurately represented?
BG: It’s a big honor to play Preston. I’ve had several consultants who are actually in chairs teach me about life without legs, and its an uphill battle everyday for them. But I will say that the people in the physically challenged community are some of the toughest, most independent and motivated people I’ve ever met. I’ve worked very closely with the show’s consultants to make sure we portray this character as accurately as possible. It means a great deal to me to get the movements, postures, etc. right. I know there are people in chairs all around the world watching this show and I want them to see an accurate portrayal of what they go through most days.

Bret Green - The Inspectors
Photo Credit: Lesley Bryce

‎Why should people tune in to “The Inspectors”?
BG: Because we have a gorgeous cast. Next question. Kidding! I think people should tune in to The Inspectors for a number of reasons. First, you can learn about crimes that you may not already know about, which helps you avoid becoming a victim. Also, the storyline that follows Preston and his friends welcomes you into the life of a teenager who just started college, lost his father, and the use of his legs within a short amount of time. I’m sure most of us couldn’t imagine what that would be like, so it adds some intrigue to the story.

What’s the atmosphere like on-set?
BG: We have an amazing crew full of mostly South Carolina locals and they are a really fun bunch. Everyone gets along great and it really does feel like a family. My relationships with the people I work with make my job so much easier and enjoyable. We are very fortunate!

What past or current television series would like you to be on if given the opportunity and why?
BG: Friday Night Lights for sure. I loved that show and I grew up playing football, so that’s like my dream job. I guess being on Friends wouldn’t have been too bad either…

What advice would you give to those who are attempting to follow their passion?
BG: Sometimes you might be the only one who wholeheartedly believes you can make it, and that’s okay. It only takes you believing in you before action is spurred.

Favorite book and/or hobby?
BG: Book – “Mastery of Love” by Don Miguel Ruiz
Hobby – Photography

What is your dream acting role?
BG: Like I mentioned before, I’d really like to do a football movie or series, but my dream role would be something like Nightcrawler or really anything Jake Gyllenhaal has done. He picks the best movies and roles and really never settles.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
BG: I honestly used to say myself, because I truly admired and was sometimes surprised by my work ethic. I can thank my parents for that. But lately I’ve been incredibly inspired by Gina Rodriguez. I worked with her on Jane the Virgin and she is such a professional, and an even greater person. I also was recently SUPER inspired by Bernie Sanders and his campaign. His compassion and love for everyone really made me want to be a better man. It’s been an inspiring year!

The Inspectors is a rare series, in that it airs Saturday mornings at 8:30/7:30c on CBS. Don’t miss it!

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