Black Lightning Review: Equinox: The Book of Fate (Season 1 Episode 7)

black lightning season 1 episode 7
Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 7, “Equinox: The Book of Fate” shows Jefferson and Lynn coming to terms with Annisa’s new superhero role, more information regarding Gambi’s shadiness, and the death of the only villain I cared about, Lady Eve. 

On Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 7, “Equinox: The Book of Fate,” we say goodbye to the queenpin shrouded in mystery, Lady Eve. This couldn’t be any more of a mistake, especially considering how slow the superhero storylines are going in the series so far. At this point, I can safely say I’m more interested in the regular lives of the Pierces than their superhero lives. I want more of Anissa and Grace, Jennifer and her coming of age story, and Jefferson and Lynn finding their way back to each other. Because, ironically, the superhero storyline is this show’s biggest villain right now. 

The Wrong Villain

The wrong villain dies tonight. Yes, I said it. The only thing remotely interesting about Tobias and his story was that I assumed it would lead us to Lady Eve and the “shadow board” she works for. Tobias is a one-dimensional character that simply enjoys tearing apart the black community. And although this may sound intriguing (I hope the sarcasm is oozing from those words), his story causes me to do nothing but yawn. And to make matters worse, the end of this episode shows Lala back in the picture (another villain that did not interest me in the least). I don’t care about henchmen like Tobias and Lala.

Give me the bigwigs. I want to geniuses behind the scenes pulling the strings, and depressingly, one of them died tonight. Lady Eve, in the little time that we’ve seen her, had double the nuance and intrigue the other villains do. She’s intelligent, careful, cut-throat, and sinister. The big question we never got to find out is how she got to the position she was in, what prompted her to join the life of crime and what gave her the tools to move her way up? I guess we’ll never know. 

Gambi’s Dark History

Gambi and Lady Eve’s conversation reveals more about him that we didn’t know before. So, Lady Eve isn’t the one who turned after she left the initial organization they worked for. It seems Gambi is the one who flipped the script by turning into a good guy. And apparently, he was really good at the bad guy work. It’s just to hard to picture Gambi as an antagonist. Even with the scene where he goes all The Equalizer on Toledo, it’s hard for me to marry sinister characteristics with the grandpa-like Gambi we know now. I mean, seriously. His name is Gambi. What kind of sinister person is named Gambi?

What’s Next for Black Lightning

As I explain earlier, I’m more interested in the human lives of our main characters than the villains and the superhero storylines. So, I hope the next episode refocuses on them. This episode is almost cringe-worthy with how predictable everything was (except Lady Eve’s death). This has a lot to do with how the writers are using the superhero tropes as a crutch instead of doing what the pilot episode suggests and giving a fresh take on the superhero tale. Now all of a sudden, without any evidence, we’re supposed to believe an entire city, the PD, and the media hate Black Lightning… even in the wake of all the good things they’ve seen him do? Although that’s hard for me to imagine, I hope the next episode lays the groundwork to make this huge shift believable. 


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