Is The 100’s Bellamy Blake Past Redemption?

The 100 Season 3 found the Sky People in Arkadia, their new home on the ground. Instead of their happy homecoming, they were met with fear, anger, and upsetting rage from the Grounders for invading their space and using their resources. When tensions were already unbelievable, Pike convinced Bellamy to help him murder 300 Grounders.

Both groups of people were at each other’s throats for the majority of The 100 Season 3, but when Charles Pike, Bellamy Blake, and a handful of other Sky People snuck into a Grounder camp as they slept and murdered 300 of them, Clarke had to rescue all of her people from the warrant for their death that followed.

Bellamy Blake has wavered between villain and hero since the series premiere, and has grown immensely from the angry, scared outsider that snuck onto the pod that brought the 100 Sky Prisoners to the ground after nearly killing Chancellor Jaha.

Is he past redemption? He helped save his people in each season, but his actions have been so dark and treasonous that he’s almost killed the Sky People, whether by his hand or by him forcing the Grounders’ hands, more times than he’s helped them.

Bellamy Blake and OctaviaHe’s always written off his actions as protecting his younger sister, Octavia, from everyone that has tried to hurt her. Her life on the Ark was minimal, due to the fact that she had to live under the floorboards to prevent floating since no one was allowed to have more than one child. Bellamy always felt responsible for her, which was only emphasized when his mother died.

But now the relationship between Bellamy and Octavia is nearly non-existent. His actions with Pike led to her boyfriend, Lincoln, being murdered by Pike and the Sky People, mostly because he was a Grounder.

Say he’s realized his actions with Pike were wrong, can he ever make up for those?

Let’s not pretend he’s the only one that has committed terrible actions and crimes; Clarke is responsible for the deaths of the Mountain Men which posed an immediate threat to her people. In a way, Bellamy also thought he was protecting his people, but there’s one fact that changes it all: the Mountain Men knew that they were under siege and had prepared to fight or die, while the Grounders that Pike murdered were there to protect them and they were sleeping and defenseless.

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Bellamy’s Season 3 story practically ruined his character from ever stepping up from unfortunate sidekick to savior of the Sky People. Is even that able to be saved in Season 4? Calling him a sidekick shouldn’t be the appropriate term, but that’s how the writers make him out to be. He can’t save the day without Clarke’s help or presence, so he can’t make heroic actions without the godly Clarke riding in on her white horse to save the people from apocalypitic doom. (I say that as I roll my eyes into the back of my skull.)

Is anyone on The 100 redeemable, besides Clarke? That’s a question the writers have to answer, but it’s highly suggestable that the answer is no.

Clarke’s the main character, she will always get the focus and the most heroic acts. The others are fodder for the story, made evident by both Finn and Lexa’s deaths.

The 100 Season 4 premieres in 2017 on The CW!

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