8 Things We Want to See Before ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Ends

The Vampire Diaries is only a few episodes away from being another show that ended. As much as the show has been running for so long, it’s time for it to come to an end. But before it does, there are a few things I and probably other fans would like to see before we say goodbye to our long-lived vampires and the crazy that is Mystic Falls.

The final season of The Vampire Diaries could have gone a different route. I know Julie Plec said it would go back to its basics AKA Season 1 feels, but so far I’ve been a little underwhelmed with it. We’re 7 episodes in, with only 9 episodes left of this final season, and I need some changes.

Here are 8 things I so want to see happen before The Vampire Diaries ends, or a wish list perhaps.

1. Stefan and Damon strengthening their bond as brothers.

Now that Stefan and Damon are stuck to do Cade’s bidding by selling their soul to the devil, it’s now more than ever that they need to fight this off together. This storyline with Cade, Sybil and Seline isn’t as compelling as I thought it would, it’s put the Salvatore brothers in a situation where the only person they can rely on is each other. It’s always going to be Stefan’s fault for turning him into a vampire, involuntarily. But it doesn’t also erase the fact that Damon has done a plethora of horrible things in the past. Here’s to hoping they can be each other’s anchor and get out of this mess without having one, or both of them die in the end.

2. Bonnie needs to get her powers back.

You cannot just end the show with Bonnie powerless, without her magic. Her powers have been apart of her since the beginning, it only seems fair for her to gain it back. At least give her that, because she’s been through so much. And, she’s saved so many of friends with her powers. She needs it back.

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