Arrow Review: Docket No. 11-19-41-73 (Season 6 Episode 21)

Arrow Season 6 Episode 21
Diaz’s plan comes to fruition when Oliver Queen is put on trial under the suspicion he’s been operating as the Green Arrow for multiple years now. Meanwhile, a familiar face returns, but in an unexpected way.

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 21, “Docket No. 11-19-41-73,” the Arrow writers apparently lost their distaste for writing courtroom scenes, which was one of the “many reasons” they killed off Earth-1 Laurel Lance, to put Oliver Queen on trial for an entire episode with multiple accounts of perjury.

The People vs. Oliver Jonas Queen

It’s no surprise Oliver managed to weasel his way out of this conviction, but it’ll be interesting to see the impact this has on his character, especially donning the hood and playing vigilante, down the road. The jury found him guilty very quickly, so clearly there’s some level of suspicion already around his neck like a noose when he heads out into the city with his suit. Diaz’s mission to take down Oliver is growing a bit tiresome, so hopefully we’ll see this all wrapped up in the season finale, so the show can be free to pursue other villains and opportunities during Season 7, as it has been renewed.

What is interesting about this trial is the arrival of “Tommy Merlyn” to save the day and clear Oliver’s name. It was an ingenious idea on Diggle’s account, but why Tommy Merlyn? Sure, a man risen from the dead claiming to be a vigilante that’s been around last since his death is shocking, interesting, and highly questionable, but the appearance of the former series regular just seemed like a jolt for fans who have been questioning whether to continue watching this show or not.

As for his team’s accounts, it’s understandable why Rene chose to tell the truth, both during the trial and back in November when he gave up Oliver to Samandra Watson. His daughter is clearly the reason he does everything, which Oliver can understand now as a parent to William, so can anyone truly be angry with Rene for giving in to the threats? It’s similar to the Quentin/Damien Darhk situation of Arrow Season 4 as Damien repeatedly threatened Laurel’s life if Quentin were to betray him, and he actually did follow through on his threat. Diaz seems much more unhinged and unstable than Darhk ever was, so Rene sees the track record the team has with keeping their families safe and gives in.

On the other hand, Dinah’s basically useless. Sure, committing perjury to clear Oliver’s name isn’t a big deal, but she’s not even willing to continue lying to cover up the fact that she murdered someone in cold blood? Pleading the fifth was an incredibly stupid idea, and just opened up an opportunity for Dinah to fall far from being the Police Captain, and it opens up an opportunity for Dinah to leave town, or go to jail, and the Black Canary mantle to once again be in the air.

Siren’s Questionable Future

I think it’s safe to say we need to start referring to Black Siren as Laurel Lance from now on, as it’s clear the writers aren’t ever planning to bring back the Earth-1 heroine. Laurel’s venture with Diaz has been constantly shifting, and every time she’s managed to take a step forward, she’s thrown four steps backward in a matter of minutes. The progress she’s made with Quentin over the previous few episodes seem to have changed Laurel for the better, but her testimony at Oliver’s trial has cemented what side Laurel will remain on.

Maybe she’ll never quite fit the mold of what Earth-1 Laurel Lance was all about, but this Laurel has a will stronger than even Oliver’s, and she’s ready to do the right thing. Once she’s done protecting herself from the constant threat on her life, maybe we’ll then see actual redemption and a Laurel free from killing once again, but nothing she’s done this season has been about herself. She’s been held captive by Diaz’s threats, but she’s finally managed to attempt to break free, though it seems clear that Quentin’s life will be over soon enough because of her failure to put the final nail in Oliver’s coffin at trial. Claiming he wasn’t the Green Arrow opens up trust between the two, and maybe she’ll reach out to Oliver for help in saving her life from Diaz as the season comes to a close. Perhaps this will explain what Laurel will be doing during the next season, too, since Quentin Lance won’t be around. Maybe someone else will hold Laurel to be accountable for her actions and keep her on the right path until she can see that for herself. Whatever the case, this episode certainly, finally, opened up Black Siren for the redemption we’ve been looking for all season, and it’ll be fascinating to see where she goes from here, especially when Diaz is no longer an immediate threat to her life.


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