Arrow Review: The Thanatos Guild (Season 6 Episode 16)

Nyssa al Ghul returns to Star City for Thea because a rogue group of the League of Assassins called The Thanatos Guild are targeting her due to her father, Malcolm Merlyn knowing the location of a secret map of mystery.

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 16, “The Thanatos Guild,” Thea has plans to leave Star City with Roy, until Nyssa al Ghul shows up requesting her assistance in locating a map of secrets that her father Malcolm Merlyn supposedly knew the location of. Meanwhile, Dinah and Curtis investigate the Star City Police Department.

Speeding Away

For the past six years, Willa Holland has played Thea Queen, the younger sister of Oliver Queen, and has brought a lot of heart to a show that has otherwise been rather dark. Going into this episode, it was known it would be her last, so I expected this episode to strike an emotional chord, and it did eventually achieve that. However, there were elements of the story they wrote for Thea that were a bit perplexing in my eyes. It was great to see an episode focused so heavily on her, but she also deserved a better written episode as her swan song.

As we’re told in the previous episode, Thea only suited up again in an effort to save Roy, so why in this episode does she find it so difficult to let that life go? The last time she suited up was the Season 5 crossover, so it isn’t like she’s been back in the field in any regularity. Upon helping Nyssa find the box that contains the map, Nyssa gives her an out, and Thea chooses to stick around to help out of respect for Malcolm. Ever since Thea found out that Malcolm was her father, she hasn’t had a lot of love for him, and that piece of writing just didn’t connect with their continuity. When Thea does decide to leave, she decides to leave with Nyssa to track down the other three Lazarus pits the map reveals the existence of, and Roy decides to go with her for support. For a brief minute, though, it almost looked as if they were going to rob us of her and Roy getting their happy ending, but, fortunately, we were able see that happen.

I was unaware of Willa Holland’s body of work prior to Arrowbut it’s been a joy to watch her for the past six years. Given her choice to leave, I don’t know if she’ll make any appearances if there is a Season 7, but I truly hope she does.

Bad Boys

One of the better parts of the episode was the subplot of Dinah and Curtis investigating the Star City Police Department in order to find out who is working for Ricardo Diaz. Sometimes, the episode of a series used as a send off to a long-running character doesn’t do much in the way of moving the overall story forward, but that wasn’t the case here. We know now that Dinah suspects Captain Hill of being a member of the Diaz payroll, and the fallout could have long-lasting and very interesting effects going forward in future episodes.

With Dinah being a part of the force, it’s going to be relatively easy for her to look into Captain Hill, but one would think things could get very volatile for Dinah if she is suspected of anything by the Captain. Another question is, once she finds what she needs to implicate Captain Hill, is she going to share this information with Oliver? They haven’t exactly been on the best of terms of late, and given her recent actions, it wouldn’t jump out as an obvious thing for her to do. On the other side of that, if their plan is to bring the whole team together again, this could be how that happens.

One of the more divisive elements of this season among the fan base has been the conflict between the two teams as it has dragged on too long, but I sense it coming to a head in the coming episodes. Some think too much damage has been done for the two teams to reconcile, and some think it may still be possible; however, whatever side you happen to be on in that argument, it can be agreed that the writers have their work cut out for them when it comes to bringing the story to a conclusion.

He Who Wears The Hood

Earlier this season, John Diggle took over the mantle of Green Arrow for Oliver for two reasons: to allow Oliver to focus on being a father to William, and to throw suspicion off of himself while Agent Watson investigated Oliver upon her accusations of him being the emerald archer. As we know, Oliver reclaimed the mantle after Diggle began suffering from injuries he sustained in the Lian Yu explosion, but lately Diggle has been wanting Oliver to honor his word so he’ll get to reclaim the hood. He’s mentioned it in the past two episodes, but why does he want it so badly?

Other than suiting up a few other times earlier in the series, Diggle has never really expressed any interest in being the Green Arrow, so it’s hard to understand why he cares so much now. In fact, it seemed as if he had found his place as Spartan and had come to love that persona, but, all of a sudden, he has this great desire to take on Oliver’s mantle full-time. Not that it would’ve been well-received beforehand, but if the writers had been building to this for over a season, and we had seen seeds heavily planted, then it may make more sense. But, as of right now, it’s another in a long list of head scratching stories this season.

As seen in the preview for the next episode, this whole story seems to come to a head, and have some lasting effects on the relationship between Oliver and Diggle. Yes, another rift between the two. We’ve seen this before albeit for different reasons and quite frankly, when it was done in season 3, it was much better. With any kind of hope, it’ll all make sense in the end and will have some kind of impact on the season finale. Granted, we all know that Oliver will continue to be the Green Arrow, but it could either mean Diggle’s departure from the team or worse.


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