Arrow Review: Doppelganger (Season 6 Episode 15)

Black Siren makes her presence known in Star City assuming the identity of Earth-1 Laurel Lance, and an old friend returns when Ricardo Diaz has Roy Harper captured in order to testify against Oliver Queen in the Green Arrow trial.

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 15, “Doppelganger,” the team discovers that Black Siren has gone to the media as Earth-1 Laurel Lance claiming to have been held captive for the past two years, and they receive another shock when Roy Harper is named a witness in the case to testify against Oliver Queen.


The question circulating around social media throughout Season 6 has been whether or not Black Siren will find redemption, and while we do not yet know the answer to that question, we do know now that the citizens of Star City are aware of her existence; however, they think that it is the Laurel Lance who was the Black Canary and was killed two years ago. By doing this, it makes her untouchable as she won’t have to answer for anything she did as Black Siren, and, while it is a questionable move from a moral standpoint, it is a brilliant move. As has been shown about this version of Laurel since she appeared on The Flash, she will do what it takes to stay alive and her latest move is nothing more than an attempt to make sure that happens.

An example of that is shown clearly in this episode as she tells Oliver she’s willing to try being the Laurel that he lost, but shortly after that conversation she receives a text from Ricardo Diaz saying “good work” and she is seen with a smile on her face. Now, there are many theories out there about what that means. Is she actually going to remain a villain and work with Diaz, or will she live up to her plea to Oliver and work with him to bring Diaz down? Right now, it seems that she’s playing both sides, but if she is truly on the road to redemption then it is possible that she is indeed working with Oliver from the inside of Diaz’s camp. We may not know until the season finale what the fate of her character will be, but it is incredibly entertaining.

The writers have done an excellent job with this story since it started. During a season that has had a habit of recycling previous storylines, this arc of possible redemption for Black Siren has been a breath of fresh air. The best thing is how it has been working out at a slow pace rather than the writers getting impatient and giving us the reveal too early. Sometimes Arrow has fallen into traps of predictability, and that’s why this arc is so great because, whether you’re a fan of Black Siren or not, you’re still trying to figure out exactly what side she’s on. If they can keep up writing like that, then that may show a lot of promise for a possible Season 7. 

Roy Returns!

Roy Harper, as portrayed by Colton Haynes, has been a fan favorite since his first appearance in season one so when the news of his return broke, it sent buzz all around social media. His return also brought a needed break to the show as it called back to earlier times when the team resembled the comic book lineup more so than it currently does. It really felt like Roy never left as soon as we saw him for the first time in the episode, and I think a lot of that goes into how Colton plays the character with such an effortless charm. The more interesting subplot of Roy’s return was his reunion with Thea. We were treated to that about midway through the episode, and as I watched it play out, it felt like Season 3 again. Since their first scene together on Season 1, Colton and Willa Holland have played off of each other very nicely and that was no different here.

If there’s anything slightly disappointing about his big return, it’s that we didn’t get to see more of it. More often than not on TV series, when a beloved major character returns after a lengthy absence, the episode is usually centered around said character. Now, this is not to take away from the Black Siren plot, but it just wasn’t balanced well. What would’ve been nice to see is the two plots given their own individual episodes, but it was obvious that the writers were going for a theme of returning home with the city thinking that Laurel Lance is alive and with Roy coming back. The other thing that was disappointing is it really wasn’t explained exactly how the cops on Diaz’s payroll, or Diaz himself, knew about Roy, Oliver’s identity, or anything else. The only info we’re given is that they knew. Hopefully this is expanded upon later on this season.

Another thing kind of disappointing was there as very little to no interaction between Roy and Oliver, Diggle, or Felicity. You would think—since the character has been gone for three seasons—there would’ve been a nice scene of all of them reuniting once they got Roy back, but it was nonexistent and instead only a few words were spoken while they bandaged him up. At any rate, it was great to see him back and it appears that he will be involved a lot more in the upcoming episode, so maybe we’ll get to see any questions that might’ve lingered from his return get answered. If Oliver’s conversation with Thea is any indication, we may very well get to see Roy and Thea finally get their happy ending together that a lot of viewers would like to see.

Villainous Intent?

It appeared as Cayden James would be the big bad, but he has since been disposed of by Ricardo Diaz AKA Dragon. In a way, it’s a bit disappointing this happened because Michael Emerson is an incredibly talented actor and I felt that he was doing an excellent job with his role as Cayden James, so it almost feels like it was pointless to ever bring him in if he wasn’t going to be the villain. However, what we’ve seen of Dragon thus far is fascinating in that, unlike a lot of other villains that came before him, he doesn’t want to destroy Star City, he wants to take it over. Stopping a villain from destroying a city is one thing, but how do you go about stopping someone who is out to rule the city?

We’ve already seen that there are people on the Star City police force that are on Diaz’s payroll, and it’s coming to light that the investigation into Oliver Queen being the Green Arrow is all part of his plan to overtake the city. He’s building a team, but we don’t really get any other answers about what his plan is beyond keeping Black Siren under his thumb. It’s hard to beat Josh Segarra’s portrayal of Prometheus from Season 5 as a villain, but there is plenty of time left in the season to see if Dragon is up to the task. What makes this scenario more interesting is Diaz seemingly has no personal vendetta against Oliver, but, instead, he just wants him gone so that he can take control. It’ll be interesting to see how Oliver handles a villain with these intentions.

If they hold true to Dragon’s abilities in the comics, he’s one of the fiercest fighters alive, so the ultimate showdown between he and Oliver is going to be fun to watch. As we know from the ending of the episode, the League of Assassins are back and, in the comics, Dragon has ties to them, so will that be the case on the show? If so, to what end? The accusations against Oliver Queen of being the Green Arrow were almost forgotten about, and with Dragon’s hands in the SCPD, it’ll be interesting to see how that goes. 


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  1. I really enjoyed this review. I really liked how you pointed out that it’s a questionable move from a moral standpoint but also a brilliant move. Such a great point.

    I also like how you explained she’ll do whatever she has to do to stay alive, such a great point; because you could see fear in her face when she asked Zoom what is plan was; she’s not that person who goes in with a bomb threatening for things; she doesn’t want to be one of her own casualties.

    I think she’s playing both sides too. I think she is getting her feet wet with Oliver, there is trust issues form both sides. We have to remember that she had been willing to help him when she was sabotaged and held captive. So he has to try to trust her too.

    Really great article with a lot of amazing points.

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