Arrow Review: What We Leave Behind (Season 5 Episode 9)

On this week’s episode of Arrow, it goes out with a bang airing its last episode in 2016. The quest in finding out Prometheus identity continues on when Oliver is forced to play cat and mouse and put pieces together, Artemis’s betrayal is revealed, [spoiler] dies and [spoiler] returns… for real?

Arrow Season 5 Episode 9, “What We Leave Behind,” went all out, now that’s what you call a midseason finale! And FINALLY, the only flashbacks we get in this episode are Season 1 flashbacks instead of those flashbacks that clearly overstayed their welcome many seasons ago. So, yay to that!

Oliver and company wear themselves out as they try to track down who the heck Prometheus is and what the heck he wants with Oliver Queen. Prometheus doesn’t want to exactly kill him but rather want to make him wish that he was dead.

And he did just that.

Prometheus is way too skilled, like the way that his star sliced Oliver’s arrow in half had me shook. It’s frustrating watching them two fight, because Prometheus is a step ahead, always.

That fight sequence between Oliver and Prometheus was definitely one for the books. Impressive scene and great directing, if you ask me. The flashback to Season 1 Oliver in the same location and Oliver in the present following the paths that he took before was a nice touch.

Artemis. You naive, little girl. Does she really think she’s doing herself a favor by siding with Prometheus? Manipulated by the greater evil, all I see is collateral damage coming up on her end.

Felicity’s boyfriend, Billy tries to take matters into his own hands with Prometheus but is stuck in the worst crossfire ever. I feel bad for the dude, man.

But, Oliver accidentally kills Billy thinking it was Prometheus. Who’s to say we didn’t see that coming? Now, I wasn’t a fan of Billy and Felicity together because they were way too forced and awkward to me, but that’s not the case here.

It was just sad in general to know that Felicity lost someone who she cared about when she warned him to stay away. 

I mean, you know how they say it, “he knew too much.” Well, at least he tried to.

But hold up. Why wasn’t there anyone there to comfort Felicity in losing Billy, only to see her left alone crying. Also, what was with Oliver going straight to the reporter’s house for comfort?!

Oliver: I’m sorry, I didn’t know where else to go?

*Scratches chin* What was that all about? A little out of character for Ollie. 

Barry Allen’s mistake from The Flash in screwing up the timeline has yet again brought another repercussion. Oh, Barry.

Another flashpoint deviation just entered the Arrowverse because, you guys, LAUREL IS BACK. 

I just gotta say, I hope this isn’t a fake out. For some reason, I feel like Oliver seeing Laurel in that lair was Oliver in hallucination mode? He comes back from the reporter’s place and she offers him a RUSSIAN drink. Ugh, what is she up to? And that kiss? My eyes rolled out of my head.

But honestly, if they are going to bring Laurel back, they have to bring her back for good. Make it real, and make her a part of the team again.

Arrow Season 5 Episode 9 built up a great intrigue of Prometheus but it also centered around how Oliver has changed from Season 1, well for the most part. He was a mean killing machine, did you see how ruthlessly fast and non-hesitant Oliver was in killing those security guards and came after Justin Claybourne in the flashbacks? Damn.

Prometheus has to be the most compelling villain Oliver has faced thus far. He makes Oliver backtrack the wrongs he’s done in the past and see how it’s shaped him today. As much as he’s changed, Prometheus just can’t put the past in the past. Please, don’t come at me with Damien Darhk because Season 4 was all kinds of tragic. 

Arrow lived up to its midseason finale buzz. This season has been going exceptionally well and now we have to wait until January 25th to get more answers after that cliffhanger.

Other thoughts:

  • I miss Quentin Lance, wonder when he’ll be back, especially now that Laurel is seemingly back.
  • Curtis has to pick between being Mr. Terrific and Paul? But Curtis just wants to do some good for the people of Star City, Paul!
  • Poor Diggle, caught by the feds. I knew it was a trap!
  • Oliver Queen’s favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard. Nice.
  • Thea got to wear her Speedy suit again!
  • Does Rene have a kid?

Arrow returns Wednesday January 25th at 8/7c on The CW!

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