Arrow Review: So It Begins (Season 5 Episode 6)

 Arrow’s big bad Prometheus knows no mercy, Oliver’s is taken aback as his old list opens up some tension between one of his recruits, and someone needs to take Lance to an AA meeting before it’s too late.

Arrow Season 5 Episode 6, “So It Begins,” introduces us more on Season 5’s new big bad, Prometheus. In the first few episodes of this season, he was mainly lurking in the background as Tobias Church presumably was the villain that had everyone’s focus was on. But now that he’s dead, thanks to Prometheus, we can get to tracking down who could possibly be under this wretched mask and why he’s so adamant in targeting the Green Arrow.

This week’s episode was probably one of the best episodes of this season. “So It Begins” rounds up so many elements of what made Arrow such a good show to indulge in back in Season 1. Prometheus is taking the forefront as the baddest villain out there and we got a clue on what this arch-nemesis of Oliver is up to.

Did Oliver mention his list? Oh hell yeah he did!

Prometheus goes on a deadly killing spree yet again, and the team soon realizes all of those victims were on Oliver’s infamous list from Season 1. It’s the list Oliver used to track down victims in order to avenge his father’s death, which we totally forgot that he quite literally was a serial killer back then. 

Oliver’s past regarding his list has his recruits feeling a little worried about his role as their leader. Evelyn is especially distraught to find out her mentor isn’t who she thought he was. Oliver’s definitely changed his ways, obviously, but glad to see she didn’t hold that against him for majority of the episode.

Oliver has the recruits a little skeptical, which was expected, but it was good to see how well Oliver handled it when they brought it up. He isn’t the man that he was before. He’s changed and he’s grown from it all and this episode gave us that needed comparison of how much better he is now than he was before. Thanks for clearing that up as well, Diggle. Diggle’s got your back Oliver.

Thea needs to get Lance into a meeting, ASAP. He’s slipping away and he doesn’t want to be saved; that’s a sign that he should go get some help before it’s too late. At least Lance has Thea there by his side to care for him, when he has no one left.

I wonder when Mama Smoak will be back, she was entertaining.

I’m not sure if it’s evident or not, but someone is getting sidelined this season. And that someone is Thea. A deeper storyline would be nice for her and for Felicity this season.

So far, it feels like we getting snippets of both of them and they are so much more than that!

The audience didn’t get as much answers as they’ve wanted, but this was pretty much the first episode that gave Prometheus the strong transition as to what exactly his motives are.

It looks like he is trying guide Oliver to uncovering pieces of his past identity and possibly opening up even more wounds, and then some. Perhaps this person has a tie back to Season 1 of Arrow?

Toward the end of the episode, Felicity approaches Oliver with more findings on Prometheus’ agenda, and they realize the person behind all of this might actually be someone from SCPD. Oh, look, their first clue!

Looks like Prometheus has retracted all of the arrows Oliver used as the Hood in Season 1 to make up a more powerful weapon AKA his throwing stars. 

As Felicity says that, the episode ends with Lance knocked out on his couch (probably drunk) and he discovers he has a scar from Prometheus’ throwing star weapon. *GASP* Could Prometheus be… Quentin Lance?!

Nah… it couldn’t be. It could possibly be one of many red-hearings, leading us to the real identity of Prometheus. It’s going to be a ride, that’s for sure. But I’m already jotting down my guesses as to who it might be. But then again, Arrow writers, surprise us please!

“So It Begins” was an overall pretty good episode. Just one more episode left until the highly anticipated, yearly crossover episode! It will also be Arrow’s 100th episode, so it should be an kick ass episode to say the least.

Some thoughts:

Felicity: I need a clean up on aisle two. I got a list of potential victims.
  • Felicity, girl, I appreciated your humor. Always.
Curtis: Well, we were afraid you would kill us if we didn’t. Too soon?
  • Curtis wins at making awkward situations less awkward.
  • The reporter is trying way too hard with Oliver.
  • These flashbacks overstayed their welcome like 3 years ago. Ready for it to end.

Arrow continues Wednesdays at 8/7c on the CW!

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