Arrow Review: Human Target (Season 5 Episode 5)

On this week’s episode of Arrow, Rene is rescued from Tobias Church, but he also reveals Oliver’s secret. Human Target makes the debut we didn’t see coming, while Oliver comes to accept that Felicity is seeing someone and Prometheus is absolutely petrifying while it’s identity remains a mystery.

Arrow Season 5 Episode 5, “Human Target,” was a much better episode than the previous. Rene was rescued, but in a desperate attempt to save his life, Tobias Church tricks Rene into revealing who the Green Arrow is. This episode also introduces Christopher Chace, AKA Human Target, and we see the things that he can do.

“Human Target” begins with Oliver attempting to find where Tobias Church was located holding Rene (Wild dog) hostage. One thing that is enjoyable in Season 5 are the opening fight scenes with Oliver. It’s attention-grabbing and it takes you back to the amazing Seasons 1 and 2. He’s so assertive and doesn’t take no crap.

Oliver has bumped up his fight scenes this season, and when he needs answers, he’s gonna get them. With the help of his recruits, of course. Loved when Rory/Ragman swooped that guy from the floor with his octopus looking arms and Oliver gave him a nod. This new team is getting better.

After the gruesome torture Tobias Church inflicts on Rene, Church sets up a new tactic to get the most important thing he wanted out of Rene and that was the the Green Arrow’s identity. Which Rene, to Oliver’s dismay, gives it away without realizing that he actually did. He beats himself about it, but Diggle chimes into to give a helping hand to relieve his distress. After that encounter, Rene might be a different person and not so hot-headed, because booooyyyyy is that annoying.

You know how Felicity has been keeping her relationship with Billy Malone a secret? Well, it isn’t a secret anymore, because Oliver knows. And… he’s actually pretty okay with it. Sorry, but I can’t seem to shake off the writer’s writing this character as BILLY. BILLY. Really now? Out of all the names? But now that the cat’s out of the bag, it was nice to see that Oliver and Felicity can talk about things without having to be so awkward.

Oliver: I care about you and I will always care about you.

Oliver’s line did it for me. Oliver, in that conversation, was so calm, collected, and even somewhat supportive. He’s giving Felicity space and he’s giving himself space, which is definite growth on both parts. Just… don’t do something stupid Ollie like you always do.

Watching Wil Traval play Christopher Chace/Human Target was pretty neat. Loved his performance on Jessica Jones, and he delivered a great performance on Arrow as well. His task is to basically save people from getting killed by masking himself as the person that is the target. He becomes them, quite literally.

When he had the mask on as Oliver and when one of Tobias’ men shot at him, who else screamed, “NOOO, OLIVER GOT SHOT”? But it wasn’t even him. That part made me giggle. Felt like I was watching a Scooby-Doo episode or something as he peeled the Oliver mask off of his face and made his debut. Oh, and he was the one that accidentally revealed Felicity and Billy’s secret relationship to Oliver.

However, the way he mentioned it didn’t sound accidental. Is that a sign of what kind of character he actually is?

Tobias Church ended as quickly as you can say his name. Who comes after him? Prometheus.

One thing Arrow does that shows its flawed moments is the handling of some miniscule stories. It feels like they just toss it in for the heck of it for like ten minutes and then wrap it up so fast so they can make a gateway for another “bigger and better” storyline.

We’ve seen this setback happen with Felicity’s potential Havenrock storyline and other ones in past seasons, which I can’t seem to fully remember because they were THAT short.

Now, Tobias Church is dead, and we thought the fun was just getting started. Actually, I wanted to see how far along he would go on his mischievous path to being the “big bad” that was after Oliver Queen. Oh well.

Last but not least, the mysterious Prometheus. Who the hell is he?! What does he want from the Green Arrow? Is it someone from Oliver’s past? Gosh darn it, who’s under this raggedy mask?!

He’s a killer alright after massacring a bunch of those police officers before getting to Tobias Church. Now he knows Oliver’s identity. Thanks to Tobias, the fool spilled it to him thinking that he would spare his life after he badmouthed him at the beginning of the episode. Bad move, Mr. Church.

Overall, this episode was adequate, it had a good tone to it and hoping it becomes even better throughout its twenty something episode of a season.

Some thoughts:

Diggle: You guys must be the new kids on the block.

Curtis: We’re more like the Backstreet Boys.

  • Curtis, we love you.

Felicity: I would punch this monitor if I didn’t know how much it cost.

  • Felicity never fails to make me chuckle.
  • Artemis is Diggle’s number one fan. We can definitely see you admiring Spartan, girl! LIKEWISE.

Rene: Is this going to be one of those hippy dippy meditation things?

  • SHHH, Rene. Diggle is play therapist and wants to help you.
  • I wonder if Thea is still pissed about that fake death stunt Oliver pulled with Human Target. She looked pretty traumatized when she though he got shot.
  • The way that Oliver jumped up on that balcony was too funny. 
  • That annoying reporter needs to go away and stop flirting with Oliver. She’s bad news.

Arrow continues Wednesdays at 8/7c on the CW!

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