Arrow Review: Penance (Season 5 Episode 4)

In this week’s episode of Arrow, Oliver is the new Michael Scofield as he plans a prison break in breaking Diggle out from military prison, his recruits take a stand which doesn’t go well, and a reconciliation between Felicity and Rory occurs.

Arrow Season 5 Episode 4, “Penance,” was an okay episode, to say the least. The episode’s main focus was on breaking Diggle out of prison even though he didn’t want to be saved. Meanwhile, the fresh recruits trying to battle it off with Tobias Church.

“Penance” starts off with another intense field training with the recruits and Oliver, and it didn’t turn out too good. Not sure if the recruits keep messing up because they don’t appear to be quite fit for this job description (sorry, Curtis) or the fact that Oliver Queen hasn’t been that great of a trainer. He always seems to be either angry or dissatisfied with them, and he doesn’t even get their jokes. C’mon now, Ollie.

Maybe the reason why Rene can get so hotheaded sometimes is because he wants the full experience of being a prepared fighter, but it doesn’t seem like Oliver is giving his 100% to them. It’s understandably frustrating. But we will get back to Rene in a bit.

Rory leaving the team was a sudden loss in last week’s episode because he was actually pretty decent as Ragman, but glad to see that he and Felicity reconciled over the Havenrock situation.

I mean, we get it, it was a conflict of interest having to work side-by-side with the person that was responsible of destroying your town and losing your family. It kills Felicity more than we know because she has to live with that forever. Seeing Rory and Felicity on good terms now is great; it looks like they will grow to having a very interesting partnership.

Speaking of Felicity, when is she going to have a longer, more intriguing storyline, just for herself? She seems to only be the helper this season, and it doesn’t seem quite fair. This Havenrock story was over before we knew it. It would just be nice to see her in a more complex situation on her own, and see her react to it for more than one episode.

So, will Oliver add breaking a brother out of prison on his list of skills on his resume? That was pretty cool to watch, and the humor was pleasing.

When Oliver said, “You’re my brother, John. Whatever happens to you, happens to me.” to Diggle, it was oh so “awe” worthy. Spare me from my tears, please! These two have come a long way together, and knowing Oliver will always have Diggle’s back makes their bromance all that more worthy of the praise.

Also, we needed Diggle back. We need the real team back. Props to Lyla in being so adamant in getting Diggle out. Wondering where baby Sara is, by the way, hope she’s alright.

While Oliver and Lyla were busy breaking Diggle out, the new recruits and Felicity were quite busy with Tobias Church.  The showdown with Church was rough. Curtis got injured with a knife stuck on the back of his neck leading to Rene getting captured.

But they had to leave Rene behind when it got even more hectic. Really? You had to leave him behind? He has been a little hotheaded from the start, defying orders and protocol and all, but he didn’t deserve to be left there. Seeing Church with Rene and beginning his torture was frightening. This big bad is something else, his voice, his appearance, and the way he holds himself screams danger everywhere.

Really hope they save him, and maybe Rene might learn a lesson from all this: don’t be stupid.

Some tidbits from this episode:

  • “And if you’re thinking about lying, I do admire your consistency.” Felicity’s burn was on another level. Damn, girl!
  • When Oliver let Thea and Lance make sure that no one destroys the city while he’s away. HAH. Like that would ever happen.
  • It was brave of the recruits when they stood united against Oliver, blocking his way, but it was foolish to think they wouldn’t get their butts kicked. That was funny.
  • Rene/Wild Dog calling Felicity “blondie” twice. Really? That’s so old Rene, knock it off man.
  • “Is…he waiting for an entrance line?” Rory, you are awesome.

Arrow continues Wednesdays 8/7c on the CW!

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