Arrow Review: A Matter of Trust (Season 5 Episode 3)

Arrow is getting darker and it’s going back to its original roots, but now it has Oliver Queen taking responsibilities of his actions more, opening himself up to trusting others and balancing being the mayor by day and the green arrow by night (not necessarily in that order). And they have to rescue Diggle before it’s too late.

Arrow seems to be starting off better than expected, but for some it maybe going a bit slow. But then again, we’re only on Arrow Season 5 Episode 3. This episode focused on the idea of trust, and allowing Oliver to put in a little faith in his new team, even when he doesn’t want to. 

On the other side of things, Diggle is in prison, and guess who is his new cell buddy? DEADSHOT. Yep. All thanks to Flashpoint, Barry Allen… what have you done?! Anyway, he’s still alive and Diggle is in distress about what has happened to him as Lyla comes to visit him in prison. We need Diggle back into the OTA, it’s just not right without him. He’s given up on himself, and he can’t let that happen just yet. 

As far as the storyline with the new recruits is going, well, let’s say it’s going. Rene in particular really does know how to get under Oliver’s skin, and I might seem crazy for saying this, but I’m loving it! He’s pushing Oliver, he’s letting him see and know more than what Oliver only believes to be the “right way,” and this will definitely help Oliver improve in a way that has been lacking for a while. He can’t do this alone and needs all the help that he can get, but toward the end of the episode, we see that there may be hope.

Arrow Season 5 Episode 3Arrow Season 5 Episode 3 was titled, “A Matter of Trust,” and it revolved on pretty much that. Oliver is still trying to get used to having a new team, a younger team. When things aren’t going the way that he intends it to be, or when the recruits want to do something (Rene especially), it ticks him off. But he forgets the fact that with a matter of trust and faith, it’s actually not as bad as he makes it seems. Cody Rhodes makes his guest appearance as Stardust. (Really, now?) Though I would have thought he and Stephen would have more scenes together in the episode, they did deliver a good scene together.

Felicity is starting to feel the guilt of what she’s done last season where she was forced to let thousands die for the sacrifice of saving millions. It haunts her now more than ever as we find out that Rory AKA Ragman was affected by it since his home, Havenrock was the town Felicity was a part of destroying. But she confesses it to him and he walks away from her without saying a word. Hope we are able to see stronger arc for Felicity unfold this season.

A few other thoughts on the episode:

  • Evelyn making fun of Rene for being a vigilante with a hockey mask and Oliver thinking it was cool was too funny. Instantly “CASEY JONES!”
  • “Suit up!” “Is that just your thing?” Curtis is killing it this season.
  • The way that Thea dragged that reporter was pure gold. Don’t mess with Thea Queen.
  • When is Felicity gonna let Oliver know she has a new beau?
  • Quentin Lance for deputy mayor, yay!
  • On the next episode, it’s a prison break! Oliver is going to break Diggle out of prison!

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on the CW!

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