Arrow Review: Who Are You? (Season 5 Episode 10)

Arrow is back from its hiatus while Felicity takes matters into her own hands to find out the truth, Oliver gets a little too gullible and hopeful, while Curtis feels like he can’t be apart of the team anymore.

Arrow Season 5 Episode 10, “Who Are You?” was a solid episode and a pretty smooth episode coming back from their winter hiatus.

So yes, the Laurel we thought we all knew that came back was not our Laurel. It was Earth-2’s version, Black Siren, who we’ve seen in the past on The Flash. However, it was nice to see Katie Cassidy back on the show again, even if she was playing a different side of her character.

But what really got things shaken up was Oliver’s complete hopefulness in trying to dig deep and bringing their Laurel back. The Laurel they all once loved and cared for. But seeing this side of Oliver was a bit too pushed, if you ask me.

I get him trying to see the light, the good in everything but it was clear that she wasn’t the same Laurel. Oliver’s insistence on trying to bring out a different side to Black Siren was a waste of time. We can see why, because he’ll always feel responsible for her death and other deaths of his other loved ones.

Felicity though, this girl is one tough cookie. On “Who Are You?” she proved once again that when she gets very suspicious, ticked off, and super-duper concerned she doesn’t allow herself to sit back and watch what happens. And as far as her character this season, she was pretty much not doing as much as the rest. I’m glad she took a stand, even though it came off a little too irritating for me at first. Felicity Smoak is so much more than Team Arrow’s IT girl.

She had her suspicions of believing that the Laurel that showed up wasn’t the real Laurel. I loved when she took control when the team were out in the field and ordered them to fire. Hah, it made Oliver annoyed; it sounded like they were parents disagreeing on what to allow their children (the team) to do. That was funny.

Although Felicity and Oliver are not together as a couple this season, it’s still nice to see that they can still work well together. Maybe the official takedown of Prometheus will actually draw these two back together. We shall wait and see…

Meanwhile, Curtis is feeling pretty down about his contributions to the team. To be honest, I miss the old Curtis. The geeky, extra funny version of Curtis and not so much of him being Mr. Terrific. Now he’s different and we get that he’s trying to be a hero and make a change, but it took his character to a whole new turn.

Glad to see Wilddog was at his side at least, even though it started off rough. Rene is sorta, kinda growing on me. There, I said it! I kind of like what he adds to the team, a little rebel with snarky comments on the side. Though, he really needs to stop calling Felicity “blonde.”

Black Siren is defeated by none other than Felicity. I was surprised, like how did she fall down with just one punch? From Felicity? When it would take others a lot more to defeat her. Hmm…

So we now have a new Black Canary. Or so it appears to be. Am I totally looking forward to this? Not really sure. It’s like they were trying to find a filler for Laurel Lance with someone new. At least give her a different name because we can’t keep reusing the same name for a different person.

Other thoughts:

  • The scene with Adrian and Diggle was fitting. Also, Adrian is super hot.
  • I wish we could have gotten Thea’s reaction to seeing Earth-2’s Laurel.
  • Prometheus’ identity is still bugging me.
  • I wonder where Evelyn is at and who she’s betraying now.

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