Arrow Review: Vigilante (Season 5 Episode 7)

Arrow has a new vigilante in town that is uncreatively called the Vigilante (where’s Cisco Ramon when you need him?), Oliver in the midst of confusion in tackling this new villain, and we’ve got a little some deep betrayal going on with one of the recruits… NOT cool!

Arrow Season 5 Episode 7, “Vigilante,” was a decent episode, to say the least. This new vigilante is aggressive and is trying way too hard to make a point. What do you want? Pretty sure the vigilante might be DA Chase. He may seem to have an agenda of his own, but eyes are on you now, DA Chase. After that stunt he pulled while interrogating the female Bag of Bones member.

Also, Prometheus takes a break in this episode since he only appeared towards the end, where some shady recruit just leaped into a big betrayal, but we’ll get to that later.

There is sort of a disconnect in Season 5 with the original team arrow. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s just too different. Yeah, they chat here and there, and regroup when something is up, but that dialogue and humor and the overall feel of the original team is no longer there. 

Instead, it’s like they don’t even have time for each other.

Oliver finds some new company with that Susan journalist and she is too much in going after Oliver’s attention. I mean, c’mon. She went from being shady with Thea to wanting to jump her brother with every line she gets. Yeah, Oliver Queen is tots on the hottie radar but damn girl, you’re being too much.

Oh hey, and speaking of Thea, yay for having more than two lines in this episode!

She was actually in not one, not two, but THREE scenes in this episode. Or maybe it was four? I lost track, but yes, she had more screen time on Episode 7 “Vigilante” than any episode on this season thus far.

Please, can we get Thea back to parkouring the streets of Star City and Oliver yelling out “Speedy” here and there rather than seeing her in an office setting all the time?

I miss that Thea; I miss the fearless hero that wouldn’t stand down to anything. Thea, you’ve had enough time for a break. Go and help your brother out, he needs you, he’s just not willing to admit it.

So let me drag Barry Allen from The Flash for a sec here: Barry Allen, you messed up the damn timeline where you erased baby Sara to a two-year old boy named JJ. 

I’m sorry, but that scene with Diggle and his son, JJ, was so awkward to watch. Bring back baby Sara!

Poor Lance is not himself, he’s still grieving and he’s still lost. He can’t be fixed right away, and Thea and Oliver need to accept it. At least for now. 

You know what is a headache? These flashbacks. My fingers are getting tired of fastforwarding those scenes. Overstayed is an understatement by now, get em out of here. If they have no huge correlation with the present (which I’m not really seeing right now) then why do we need them?

Brativa, Kovar, etc, etc, etc. My eyes just go into full on blurred vision when it’s flashback time.

Felicity is becoming less than a main character in this season to and more of a recurring character and can’t say I understand why exactly. She could be so much more.

So, about that end. Artemis, Artemis, Artemis. What have you done? She is working alongside…Prometheus? I did NOT see that coming. I wonder if she someone else from the recruits, say like Rory is on it too?

Or maybe Rory is playing a double agent, I’ll give that twist a thumbs up. For some reason, there is feeling in me that towards the end of this battle, Artemis will be left as collateral damage. Hmm…

Next episode will be Arrow‘s 100th episode! It’s a crossover event with Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow that you don’t want to miss.

Stray thoughts:

  • I cannot distinguish Ragman Rory and Prometheus. They look exactly alike, it’s creepy.
  • Curtis slipping on the floor from attempting Oliver’s salmon ladder gave me a good laugh, and you know you did too.
  • No sign of Felicity’s boyfriend, Billy on this episode. Where art thou, Billy?
  • Prometheus has got to be someone from season 1 and it’s going to be someone who will surprise us that’s for sure.
  • Wild-dog and Diggle are being new friends now. I like this.

Arrow continues Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW!

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