Arrow Review: Collision Course (Season 6 Episode 14)

Someone has extorted $70 million from Star City and Oliver vows to get it back. Oliver, John Diggle, and Felicity Smoak have a plan to retrieve the money but their former teammates have plans of their own.

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 14, Collision Course, Star City is on the verge of financial collapse as someone has extorted $70 million from the city, bringing Oliver head to head with his former teammates as their ideals clash on how to retrieve the money and save the city.

Broke(n) City

I can see the appeal of a story where the villain extorts money from a city as it would allow for interesting storytelling in many ways. Like, is how the city supposed to maintain day-to-day operations and resources, such as schools and hospitals, how is the protagonist(s) supposed to go about getting the funds back to save the city, and what lengths will they go to in order to get it back? All of those are pretty much showcased in the episode decently, but we’re also supposed to believe that the state’s government, as well as U.S. government officials, wouldn’t have been notified of this and would not have emergency services available for Star City?

Yes, I’m well aware we’re talking about a show based upon a guy dressing up in a hood and taking out criminals with a bow and arrow, but at least bring a sliver of realism to the situation. After all, when Arrow began, it took pride in grounding in reality a la Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy. For example, in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ when Bane took his hold over Gotham City, the U.S. government stepped in. I would have expected something of the sort happening in this case, but, instead, the story gives Oliver 48 hours to retrieve the city’s money. Maybe it’s only my expectation for some realism on the show, but, by this point, no one would put the city’s entire future in the hands of one man.

To make matters worse, Oliver isn’t even successful in retrieving the money at all. Having said that, I felt the episode should have ended with Oliver being forced to step down as Mayor to provide another shock to the audience. Since that didn’t happen, let’s see some kind of actions taken in the next episode that would lead to Oliver facing some type of consequences for his failure. The show has often struggled with provided consequences to Oliver and friends. A member of the team will make a huge decision that may have some negative impact, either on one person or multiple people, but because they’re a protagonist, they never face any backlash. Maybe that’ll change in the future.


The conflict between “Original Team Arrow” and “New Team Arrow” is one that started out pretty solid, but since then it has dragged on for far too long often with repetitive lines and situations. If the reaction of those on social media is anything to go by, many people seem to agree and are calling for the conclusion of the storyline. Instead, however, it continued on, and it doesn’t seem like the conclusion is coming any time soon based on the hospital scene between Curtis, Dinah, Diggle, and Felicity. In fact, with Rene in suffering serious injuries in the fight over Laurel between the two teams, it seems it’s only going to get worse before it finally concludes.

Honestly, it’s easy understand the course of action that René took leading to the implosion of the team because he had just gotten to a point where he had his daughter back in his life, and if it had been me facing losing my child again, I’d have done the same thing. However, I will say that the story has not gone without both sides being complete hypocrites. Oliver—a man who has killed many in his time as a vigilante and even before—refuses to allow Dinah to take Laurel’s life. On the other hand, Dinah says she’s doing it to get justice for Vince… and it wasn’t too long ago that Vince tried to kill them.

There aren’t many positive conclusions I can see coming out of this because this episode did not seem to leave any chance for a reconciliation between the two teams. One scenario could potentially be the death of one (or a few characters), and Rene seems like one of the likely candidates to get the axe. Another scenario is a partial reconciliation where Oliver finally convinces Dinah and Curtis to help him, but leaving René on the outside as he still refuses to join them, and thus just being subsequently written off. However it ends, the vast majority of the audience, as well as myself, are hoping this forced story concludes soon and the show focuses back on Oliver Queen… you know, the character the show is about?

Redemption or Not?

The story I have very thoroughly enjoyed is that of the possible redemption of Black Siren. It has been one of the most well-executed plots done by the show in quite some time. Is she redeemable? Most believe she is, and the main reasoning for this is the show’s track record of taking characters who had previously done unspeakable things only to redeem them in the end. Prime examples of this are Slade Wilson, who killed Oliver’s mother but is now on good terms with Oliver. To be honest, that’s even more unbelievable than Black Siren being redeemed.

Those opposed to it should look at it from another angle. Take away from the villainous acts she’s committed, almost all of which has been at the behest of orders from someone else, and look at the signs she’s shown that reveal the good she has inside of her. On Arrow Season 5 Episode 10, she was about to help Oliver track the whereabouts of Prometheus until Felicity mistakenly thought she was going to double cross Oliver and had her ambushed. And just a few episodes ago she took the blame for the death of Cayden James’ son which, in effect, saved the city. These are just a few scenarios showing she can and will change if granted the opportunity.

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Many have assumed, due to the ending of this episode, she will assume the life of Earth-1 Laurel Lance. For her, it’s a brilliant move because once the people of Star City find out the late Laurel Lance is back, neither OTA or NTA can touch her. However, it’s how she lives her life after that’ll be the indicator as to whether she can fully be redeemed or not. Seeing her cope with this new life will be the most interesting part of it all. Will she remain being Black Siren, but become a hero? Will she become the Black Canary the city knew? It’s not easy to tell at this point, but it’s been nice having Katie Cassidy back on the show as a regular, and hopefully it’ll give her reason to stick around.





What did you think of Arrow Season 6 Episode 14? Do you think Oliver will get the money back? Will Black Siren be redeemed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. The show has gone downhill – didn’t think it could get worse after season 5… the characters have become whiny, arrogant and a pain in the — (especially the “Other Team”). Please cancel the show. It’s way past its prime.

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