Arrow: Why We’re Rejoicing Laurel Lance’s Revival

Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) has been a heated topic of discussion for the CW series since her unnatural death in late Season 4. As the lead female star of the show, many were angry that the writers would kill off a character so prominent to the story since the beginning.

On Arrow Season 5 Episode 9, a shocking discovery was made.

As Oliver re-entered his lair, Laurel Lance stood there, alive and well, with two words:

Laurel: Hi, Ollie.

We can agree that Laurel Lance may not be everyone’s favorite character, but her death was unjustified and an insult to the ultimately talented Katie Cassidy and to the fans. Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary has always been an integral part to the Green Arrow mythos, so killing her off in a series about the Green Arrow was like plunging a knife deeper into the wound that was already there due to her poor screen time and inadequate stories.

Whether you like her or not, this incarnation of the Black Canary is someone to look up to for many.

Not only did see survive the apparent deaths of both her boyfriend and sister, but she stood strong after the death of her other boyfriend, Tommy, and her sister when Sara actually was killed by Malcolm Merlyn.

Her struggle with depression and narcotic and alcohol abuse made her relatable for those who have ever struggled with something of the sort, especially as Laurel took control of her life again and built herself into the Black Canary.

She became a symbol of hope for those who hadn’t been able to break out of this time of their lives, or a symbol of inspiration for those who had but still struggle with it every day. Laurel became a light in a show that prevails on Oliver’s darkness and poor decisions, while Laurel has always been the light of the show and fought for the good of the world and her city.

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She never stood for Oliver murdering anyone; being the District Attorney first and vigilante second is what proves that Laurel always wanted justice for whomever she was after.

Laurel: I’m the justice you can’t run from.

It was only when the law wasn’t fighting a fair battle that she took matters into her own hands, but she always advocated for what was right. Aside from wanting to kill Merlyn, which is completely justified due to the fact that he used her almost-sister Thea to kill her actual sister, Laurel Lance always balanced the law with vigilantism.

For those of us that are still fighting this fight, her death was a low blow; a character that fought so hard to fight her way out of the darkest time of her life was killed due to the actions of her father and her ex-boyfriend. She died a pathetic death, immobilized by magic, stabbed, and when it seemed like she survived, she unexpectedly died in a hospital bed after telling Oliver to go after another woman even though he was the love of her life.

Her return brings light back to Arrow as Season 5 has retraced the series steps back into Season 1 where the darkness was so heavy that the world couldn’t breathe. It’s no surprise that Laurel’s absence took Oliver back on the path to killing, so with her revival, maybe this is what Oliver needs to be the hero he’s supposed to.

Arrow returns Wednesday, January 25 at 8/7c on The CW.

2 thoughts on “Arrow: Why We’re Rejoicing Laurel Lance’s Revival

  1. It’s going to be Black Siren. She knows who the Arrow is from her Earth and that is why she’s in his lair. She’s likely going to play him. Act like his Laurel to get something from him. You know.. It’s a trap! (maybe, I know nothing.)

  2. Laurel never died because her promise to Oliver was “Please don’t let me be the last canary. That way, a part of me will always be out with you.” This promise means she faked her death with Oliver’s help and went into hiding, so the team won’t know and stay away from Star City until Oliver kills Damien Dahrk and then she returns to the Arrow lair. The reason why this would happen because in the mid season premiere I think Laurel is gonna be kidnapped by Prometheus and there’s another flashback of her and Oliver at the hospital because due to look on Oliver’s face last season when Laurel died, it seems like he really knows what happened at that hospital.

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