How Should ‘Arrow’ Change After Participating in Parallel Earth Warfare?

After much anticipation, or very little at all, we’ve made it through the grand “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover. We saw hook-ups, the exchanging of vows, Nazis, the ramifications of parallel Earth warfare, and we even lost a beloved Arrow-verse character.

With such an impact that came from this crossover, it’s expected that there should be some fallout in the oncoming episodes. Arrow, which has been the more tame side of the DCTV universe, found its core characters all hoisted into a spectacle of an event, way outside of its normal “Save Star City” routine. With the crossover opening new doors for the universe, what does that now mean for Arrow?

More Crazy Crossovers

Since Arrow has been portrayed as the realistic/nitty-gritty side of this universe, the most sci-fi or mystical aspects of it aren’t as expanded upon when it comes to the series’ overall tone. With the exception of Damien Darhk being a pivotal antagonist, Arrow doesn’t have much footing in the outreach of the extraordinary world. This crossover has now opened the door for more outlandish characters and situations to be featured. We could see more characters from alternate earths either arriving to help Team Arrow, or, as Black Siren has, become a thorn in their sides.  

There is also room for more characters on other shows to interact in the series. The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl have all featured mini crossovers involving other characters in their separate plots. With Arrow, now that all of these characters know each other and have actually worked together, we can see more friendships form, or team-ups when taking on a threat! This allows the universe to build even more connectivity, and our heroes not to forget that they have other means of assistance outside their own team.

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End the Olicity Saga

In our review of Arrow’s involvement in Crisis on Earth X, I discussed how now that things are official with Oliver and Felicity, the” will they or won’t they” aspect of their relationship is officially dead in the water… and the writers had better make good on this. Oliver and Felicity have seen so many ups and downs with their relationship; a portion of the fan base has grown dizzy and nauseous of it. Now that the two are married, any type of conflict that ensues between them will purely be because the writers want to create yet another aspect of the show’s plot all about them. Let the Olicity marriage be their happy ending, and let other parts of the show take center stage outside of their relationship.  

Feature a Prominent Gay Storyline

With “Crisis on Earth-X,” we were introduced to the relationship of The Ray and Captain Cold. No subtext, nods, or hints. This was a fully fledged homosexual relationship, one that wasn’t treated any differently from the other relationships on the show, and it mattered. The entire DCTV universe has prominent gay characters featured in their series, but sometimes they don’t know what to do with them. Arrow, for example, has Curtis, but he hardly has any type of narrative outside of Team Arrow. And since his divorce from his husband last season, we haven’t truly seen any type of ramifications towards that and how he’s consistently dealing with it.

This isn’t to say that a gay character’s storyline needs to revolve around them being gay or queer, but we need storylines that are treated just as importantly as any other one. Arrow should take note of The Ray’s importance in the crossover, and expand more on this with Curtis or any other LGBT character they should introduce.

Instill Hope

Part of what makes this series the “doom and gloom” side of the universe is because so many characters have their own baggage and personal demons to battle. Other characters in the Arrow-verse have issues too, but they know when to set aside their moping, have some fun and believe that everything will turn out okay. Though the crossover ended on a sadder note with Stein’s death, the idea that our heroes were able to come to together to save one of their own, their entire universe, and witness the beginning of a new chapter involving Barry and Iris and Oliver and Felicity’s relationships could bring about a present sense of hope moving forward. This could affect the attitude of many of our characters and really lighten the tone a bit of the series… maybe even enough to introduce Oliver becoming more like his Green Arrow comic counterpart?

Allowing Arrow to be the darker side of this universe isn’t a problem, but at least letting characters enjoy or look forward to some form of happiness would be very welcomed.


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What do you think? Will Arrow show any change amidst this post Crisis on Earth-X world? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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