‘Arrow’: What Is Black Siren’s Story?

Since Black Siren’s introduction on The Flash as Zoom’s right hand, fans have been wondering what drove Earth-2’s Dinah Laurel Lance toward a life of crime and destruction.

As Arrow Season 6 grows closer, we’re all interested in seeing where Black Siren has been, and where she might go. Especially in regards to her redemption. But the thought of her back story is killing all of us since we know it has to be completely opposite of Earth-1 Laurel’s.


We don’t really know anything about Black Siren’s life on Earth-2, other than the fact that when her Oliver’s Queen’s Gambit went down, he died (for good) and Robert Queen was the one who returned as the Green Arrow. What does this mean for Sara?

It’s likely that Sara also died on the Gambit, since it’s the opposite of what happened to our Sara. So with her sister dead, her mother was likely also gone, what about Quentin? In the final episodes of Arrow Season 5, we saw Black Siren interact with Quentin as she (under Prometheus’ orders) locked him up. Something that looked to pain Black Siren to her core, unusual for this typically non-emotive villain.

Doesn’t the Queen of Mean look heartbroken here? Which leads us to Katie Cassidy’s own back story for her character, which she brought up at San Diego Comic Con this year in an interview here.

Cassidy said: “She’s gone through a lot. She lost her family at a young age; the backstory that I’ve done is she lost her father. He burned to death in front of her. She was forced to watch him burn to death in front of her at the age of 14. So, she sort of has set out to find … again, as an actor I’m like going off into this other world … her father’s killer. She ends up obviously turning dark and a villain. But I’m sure something will happen. They’ll write something and it will be like, ‘Her father survived,‘ and I’m totally off-base.”

In another interview with Comic Book, Cassidy also discussed Siren’s backstory and confirmed we will be finding out a bit more about her.

“Yes, I think the more we learn about her backstory and what her relationship was like with Oliver, absolutely. I think it will make sense in the end and not necessarily make her as bad of a person. You might be like ‘Oh, okay that makes sense.’ Yes, I do think we’ll know more.”


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As for what we want to see, we’d definitely love to see Earth-2 flashbacks of this Laurel with her Oliver, but more importantly, with her family. Quentin and Sara, especially, since they’re two that have the opportunity to develop a sort of familial relationship with Black Siren to get a piece of their Laurel back, but not to replace her. Maybe Legends of Tomorrow can spare Caity Lotz for a day or two to get us some Earth-2 Sara and Laurel scenes. Or Earth-1 Sara with Black Siren? That’s certainly going to be an interesting pairing when they meet.

(Plus, can we please get a little redemption / Black Canary action for this Laurel?)




What do you think? Would you like to see Black Siren’s story on Earth-2 play out? Or just hear about it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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