Arrow Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Lost Souls

Ray Palmer is alive. Felicity and Oliver’s honeymoon phase is over. Sara Lance got her soul back, but she’s still feral. But most importantly, Donna Smoak is back in Star City, talking about her favorite kinds of sex. (This time, it’s make up sex.)


Felicity has been slaving over Ray’s message at Palmer Tech., and she’s in desperate need of a shower and a nap. Her hacker talk is indecipherable to me, but after Oliver’s visit to inform her that she missed their financials meeting and that it’s Wednesday, he takes her home, and their first fight begins… But it’s interrupted by an alert from Ray Palmer himself, trapped inside a glass box, where he has been for six months, as a walking tater tot.

On a Team Arrow mission, all five of the “secret” team break into a warehouse to steal a device to save Ray. As always, their antics are not-so-secret and the alarms are triggered, bringing along several armed soldiers. Feral Sara makes her reappearance, a parallel to Thea’s bloodlust in the season premiere, where she punches a guy… and keeps punching. All she’s missing is the foam gathering around her mouth.


Turns out, Damien Darhk kidnapped Ray, and tuned into his conversations with Felicity, threatening her life to get his nanotechnology. Little does he knows that she is the girlfriend and tech advisor of the Green Arrow. Once Curtis builds a device to make Ray a real boy again, Team Arrow (and Sara) takes the fight to Damien Darhk, with a little fieldwork from Felicity, as well.

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As always, the fight takes place in a warehouse, because there is an infinite amount of those in Star City. And thus the plan begins: Diggle poses as a Ghost and “takes out” the Green Arrow and brings him to Darhk, loosely chaining him up to create a diversion. Felicity and Curtis parachute through a window to enter the building, where Diggle leads them to Ray to make him less like the rat that the Arrow fandom refers to him as.

Thea, Sara and Laurel team up to take on the Ghosts in the most epic battle the show has done, besides in 3×12: “Uprising,” though after some badass fighting from these three badass ladies, Sara loses control again, snapping a guy’s neck before the team takes off, with Ray in tow.

Oliver and Felicity’s relationship trouble is only complicated by Donna Smoak’s arrival. Oliver has built quite a relationship with Felicity’s mother, which leaves me with one question: why is all this “development” happening off-screen? But arguing leads to Momma Smoak’s favorite type of sex for our couple: make up sex. And I really didn’t really mind Oliver laying in their bed with only sweats on, either.


Sara’s story this season has all been for this: after snapping the man’s neck, she decides it’s time for her to leave Star City. To join their mother in Central City for a bit, and then to become a Legend of Tomorrow, though I don’t think she knows that quite yet. Hopefully this means Laurel will actually get a story now, now that she can’t just be the catalyst for her sister’s.

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