Arrow Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Beyond Redemption

Who’s still the worst character on Arrow? Captain Lance! Congratulations!

With Laurel and Thea (and Sara) returning from their trip to the hot tub time machine and Oliver running for Mayor, things are looking up in Star City! Not. Now, not only is the city being terrorized by Damien Darhk, who is probably *maybe spoiler alert* Felicity’s father, the own police department has turned on itself, stealing drugs and killing the officers who actually, for once in this city, do their job.

Upon their arrival, Laurel asks Thea to keep Sara a secret, just until she’s back to normal. Little does Thea know that Laurel has feral Sara chained up in some basement, with no food and only pictures of her and her father to look at. “What fresh hell is this?” Sara asks herself, while trying to eat Laurel. Thea agrees, not so eager to inform her brother that she will be at SKA (Serial Killers Anonymous) each week to work on her hot-tub-induced bloodlust.

Oliver Queen, however, recently motivated by his Mayoral quest to save the city, thinks he can barge into the police station and demand answers whenever he pleases now, which is exactly what he does when Felicity picks up the trail of these corrupt cops… By asking the corrupt Police Chief, that’s helping Damien Darhk, for help.

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Somehow Felicity is still the boss at Palmer Technologies, even though she funded her boyfriend’s mayoral campaign, and Mr. Terrific (Curtis Holt) is working on whatever badass invention that is going to save the company and keep funding Oliver Queen’s party boy lifestyle. But the weird codes she’s getting on her phone are the main concern, the “old” 2013 codes that offend Mr. Holt with Felicity’s insinuation that he’d ever use something so outdated. The codes are actually coming from Ray’s suit, a path to his “final words.” But it’s password protected by the smartest “dead” billionaire ever! The password is password. Thank God Felicity was there to figure that one out. 


After Oliver sees Lance and Darhk having a convoluted conversation, he confronts him about being a hypocrite, and Lance’s only excuse is that Darhk threatened Laurel. And in the part of the episode that made me the happiest, Oliver yells and Lance about how Laurel can take care of herself and he needs to stop hiding behind his daughters. Lance is committed to helping the Green Arrow take down his corrupt cops. Though the team was bested once before, on their miserable, attempted drug deal, they came prepared this time: Laurel with a new, badass Canary Cry, Thea with her bow, and Oliver with a new knife in his back. This time from the criminal, and not from his friends… Just wait until he finds out about Sara… And Lance does something useful after three seasons: he talks this non-criminal criminal down, enforcing a sense of justice and embracing his own hypocrisy, for once, saving Oliver’s life and his sense of feeling in his legs.

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But don’t forget about feral Sara, who, at the end of the episode, escaped the confines of the basement, after her terrible father attempted to murder her, on Darhk’s advice.

Now she’s roaming about Star City, hungry and vicious.

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