Arrow Season 4 Episode 2 Review: The Candidate

In Starling City, there’s one thing you can always count on: the mayor will be murdered. And in newly-named Star City, there’s no difference. With Damien Darhk intent on the complete destruction of the city, he’s dedicated to keeping it as pathetic as possible, including killing any mayoral candidates.

With Thea finally feeling the aftermath of the Lazarus Pit, Oliver is severely worrying and tries (multiple times) to give her one of his classic, ‘I’m-better-than-you’ lectures. After several times in the field, where Speedy went a little too far and punched a little too long, Oliver decides to keep an eye on her.

With “Ghosts” invading Star City, under Darhk’s orders, Star City is rapidly declining, and could use a little bit of… hope. If this word becomes the new “darkness,” I might stab my eyes out.


So who other to run for mayor and provide the city with stability? The late Moira Queen’s friend, Jessica Danforth.

Now, Darhk clearly isn’t happy with this decision, because his first thought is to send someone to make sure Danforth isn’t able to announced her candidacy. At the press conference, a remote-controlled machine gun attacks Danforth and her squad, making everyone evacuate and her security lead her outside. But if no one was shooting the gun, where is the killer? He’s posing as Danforth’s security guard, ready to kill her with a giant taser.

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After a botched murder, and Oliver hardly saving the day before getting hit by a car, the SCPD hold Danforth in protective custody, with Diggle and Laurel sitting in an inconspicuous van outside of the department, and Oliver, Felicity and Thea on the hunt for Thor and his lightning wand.

Meanwhile, Felicity struggles at Palmer Tech., after the board tells her she must fire several employees, which also includes Mr. Terrific, who designed the program that told the board who to fire. Though, it was originally supposed to tell the company how much money these low paid employees were owed. With no ideas, and Palmer Tech., sinking, Felicity takes a play out of Oliver’s book, and bluffs to the board, hiring back everyone who was fired and buying six months to think of a terrific invention that will astound the world. Hopefully you won’t be in a grave in six months, Ms. Smoak.


Why would the SCPD ever be reliable? Just when you think everything is safe, Darhk turns away this rotten fruit, the murderer, and informs Captain Lance (his sidekick) of Danforth’s kidnapped daughter’s location. Lance, being a smart tool, sends Oliver and his squad to kick some ass, but Speedy gets a little carried away and torches the man, almost killing him. So much for changing your ways, Oliver.

Oliver’s goal this season is to bring hope to the city, and after much criticism of his vigilante lurking ways by both Lance and Danforth, decides that along with the Green Arrow, the city needs a hero in the open. Someone to bring hope in the light, and who can protect himself. Oliver Queen is running for mayor of Star City, because nothing screams hope like a man who was “dead” for five years and miraculously returned.

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Since Laurel was uninformed of Thea’s resurrection last season, and her current state, Oliver, Thea and Felicity finally tell Laurel of the Lazarus Pit and the effects it’s causing for Thea. But something isn’t right when Laurel finds out… she’s curious. Laurel is up to something, and tells Oliver that her and Thea are leaving town to go to a spa, to relax and give her time. But that’s not true. Laurel tells Thea they’re going to see The League for help, but that’s not the only reason.

There ain’t no rest for the wicked….

At Sara’s grave in the middle of the night, Laurel and Thea have dug her up… to resurrect her in the Pit. And for some reason, Laurel wanted to see, and cry over, her dead sister’s rotting corpse, too.

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