Arrow Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Green Arrow

“Felicity Smoak, you have failed this omelette.”

Just when I thought angsty Oliver Queen was unbearable, we’re introduced to domestic Oliver Queen, who is a master at cooking eggs, planting engagement rings in soufflés and having brunch with married couples. The most boring five minutes in television history.

Back in newly branded, Star City, Black Canary, Speedy and Diggle take to the streets, trying to stop an armed robbery by the “Ghosts” that are attacking the city, and are outdone by them, once again causing the team to lose. 

Arrow is starting strong this year, as the season’s Big Bad, Damien Darhk, is introduced before the first commercial break, vowing to take down the city’s leaders, and that’s exactly what he does. 3/5 are killed, and Laurel barely makes it to her father in time to save him. Her fighting skills have extremely increased and she is able to take on three of the ghosts that were attacking Lance, only being bested once.

As tensions escalate, Laurel and Thea seek Oliver’s help with this new threat, against Diggle’s wishes. He’s still angry about Oliver attacking his wife last season. Felicity, clearly bored as hell in the suburbs, tells Oliver they should already be in the car, yet we find out she’s been helping the team secretly all this time. Not so happy, huh? Felicity was suspiciously bored in their domestic life, and her staying in Star City is Oliver’s main reason for staying, also.

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After Felicity’s hacking, Team Arrow finds out that Darhk’s people stole experimental bombs and is planning to use them to destroy the train station. So intent on destroying the city completely, even though, after three seasons of terrible things, the city’s population and tourism has died. Darhk wants it to completely die, to rebuild, and he’s willing to use his mystical powers to do it. The team sees him draining the life out of someone with his hands, after they track him down to *surprise* an abandoned warehouse.

With Darhk and his men abound, and Oliver doing anything for Felicity, Cisco’s suit that was made before Oliver took off is finally dusted off, and the Green Arrow is born.

To save the city, Oliver takes off to stop the train that is set to blow, and to confront Darhk. I’m not sure why they thought that was a good idea: first, because he not only can drain life, but he’s also telekinetic, and second, because Oliver has been out for five months. And of course, since it is the season premiere, Oliver loses and Darhk returns to his HIVE and to be greeted by a visitor…. Captain Lance. Who is working for Darhk.

Flash forward six months, and Oliver and Barry Allen are at someone’s grave.. And just like in The Flash, Barry mentions someone named Zoom. Is that why he was late to the funeral? Who is Zoom? What is going on? Who is dead?! The only person Barry and Oliver are both close to is Felicity. Say it ain’t so.

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