Arrow: Why Did Oliver Dream of a Life with Laurel?

Arrow’s 100th episode took Oliver, Sara, Thea, Diggle, and Ray to a collective alternate universe, thanks to the Dominators, and showed them what their lives would have been like if Oliver and Sara had never gotten on the Queen’s Gambit. Would they have been happy?

Oliver Queen loves Felicity Smoak. Fact. Oliver Queen lost Felicity Smoak. Also a fact.

No one is denying that Felicity broke his heart and that residual feelings remain. That their love might be one of his great loves. That they might even be each other’s last loves. But currently they aren’t each other’s anything. Wouldn’t it be ideal if they were?

Why didn’t Oliver’s subconscious conjure up a perfect world where Oliver was married to Felicity? It would have been easy enough to do. Oliver is marrying Felicity. Green Arrow Diggle is working with Black Canary Laurel. Or DA Laurel. Or Laurel is married to Tommy and lives in Chicago. These are all probable scenes that could have played out.

Oliver Queen loves Laurel Lance. Fact. Oliver Queen has always will always love Laurel Lance. As stated his subconscious could have conjured up an ideal life with the woman he loves, Felicity, but instead it chose Laurel; while Felicity may have captured his heart, Laurel lives in his soul.

The love that Oliver and Laurel have, it transcends time and space and reality. It’s ever lasting. It’s the kind of love one imagines soul mates having.

In the alternate reality, after Oliver has flashes of Felicity, of being engaged to Felicity, he rushes to Laurel. They must be married right away. Nothing makes sense to Ollie. Laurel makes sense, because Laurel has always been there. Laurel is his constant.

After he remembers everything, he still kisses Laurel the way lovers do. He still tells her he loves her. Not loved. Loves. He doesn’t have to do any of that. It’s not real. It’s of no consequence, but he can’t not tell his pretty bird how much he loves her. He needs to convey love and loss and longing to a computer program so it doesn’t crush him.

This was an episode that truly explored Oliver’s heart. His commitment to his cause. He had everything he ever wanted. This wasn’t just some dream. This was his happily ever after. It’s a life he’ll never have. (Maybe with Laurel as she will return to the show somehow, but his parents are gone).

It’s the life he should have had the chance to live.

It’s also the life Laurel deserved to have. To be taken care of by the love of her life. (That’s not to say she can’t take care of herself, of course she can, but to have your partner in life put you first? She deserved that.) Laurel deserved to have a romantic rendezvous in the shower. She deserved to be engaged to the love of her life.

She deserved to wear the Canary around her neck because Ollie recognized her for Pretty Bird she is. Laurel deserved to be put first. The alternate reality showed Oliver that he never put her first, but deep down he knew he should have.

On her deathbed Laurel told Oliver he was the love of her life. In the 100th episode of Arrow, we learn that Laurel is truly the love of his.

Arrow‘s midseason finale airs Wednesday, December 7 at 8/7c on The CW!

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7 comments on “Arrow: Why Did Oliver Dream of a Life with Laurel?

  1. Lol. Yeah, she’s the love of his life. That why he cheated on her with her sister multiple times and other women. That’s why she was alive for four years and he chose to propose to and almost get married to another woman.

    The only thing the 100th epsiode did was have Oliver get closure. At the end of the day, he admits he was brainwashed and said maybe that would have been his life if he wouldn’t have gotten on the boat but it wouldn’t have been full. The writers themselves said they just showed what would have happened if he hadn’t gotten on that boat (and, you know, if they removed everything bad decision pre-island Ollie made, like having an affair with his girlfriends sister and all of Star City). No offense but it’s not some deep philosophical reason she’s his finance in the dream. It’s a “what if i never got on the boat” life perfected (no cheating, no evil Malcolm, etc) and made by aliens to keep Oliver confused.

    Laurel may have decided that he was the love of her life but they made it quite clear that she wasn’t his, even if he loved her.

  2. Right… he found about Felicity and the life he knew nothing about was still his option? Right… he was afraid of the things he saw but he knew what he wanted and needed… he remembered Felicity, and he remembered all the olicity relevant moments but he thought it wasn’t real, but when he realized it was real he didn’t doubted going back, he was leaving without saying goodbye to laurel, thea told him his parents and laurel were alive and not even then he wanted to stay. He said goodbye to his parents on his own wish, but he wasn’t saying goodbye to laurel till she came out of the house, he didn’t even wait till getting married. And he told her he wasn’t the man she fell in love with, not in real time not in the hallucination. It was not about what he wanted but about what would have happened if he didn’t go in the gambit. He still chose his reality, his present, felicity, star city. And hey he even go to the Smoak building to come home. Prophetic

  3. I want them to be together so badly, especially after the 100th episode. Clearly Ollie still has some feelings for her. -sigh- How I wish the original Laurel would come back. But the Black SIren may work too because BS lost her ollie on her earth. But I still miss the original Laurel.

  4. Does anyone figure out why she changed her mind to leave all of a sudden after turning down the offer to leave by Oliver? Oliver was surprised as well when she came out of the house.

    • When did she get an offer to leave with him? Because I didn’t see one only the eloping part and considering it, the re proposal and even the opening to hallucination were copy cat of Olicity I would assume is more related to it. as for why to come out of the house after he wasn’t even saying good bye to her, I assume is more related to just like at the hospital, to make it clear, he was the love of her life, but she wasn’t the love of his. She tells him she loves her at hospital she told him he was the love of her life, by that she knew Felicity is the love of his life, in the hallucination he tells her he isn’t the man she fell in love with, and he n reds to go. Even the I love you he tells her, is the same one of a friend in S4.

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