American Horror Story Initial Review

American Horror Story: Roanoke counted a lot on the lack of details that were given to the viewers beforehand, which pushed the story along in the first two episodes.

American Horror Story Season 6 didn’t give much away during the premiere, relying on little hints to push the episode along until the end. The theme was purposely left out, and it looks like the big reveal didn’t give away everything that would go down this season. The story of Roanoke isn’t the only one that’s been introduced, and we might not know how it all connects until the very end.

American Horror Story: Roanoke is following the paranormal documentary-style show that tells the story of a couple moving to a home in North Carolina, only to discover strange things that they can’t get to the bottom of.

Shelby Miller (Lily Rabe, reenacted by Sarah Paulson) and Matt Miller (André Holland, reenacted by Cuba Gooding Jr.) struggle to figure out what they’ve gotten themselves into and this creates a pacing that American Horror Story hasn’t relied on in a while. The story was told slowly, with the most important events making their way front and center. This was a great idea for the premiere since the show always struggles with too much all at once, but what does this new process mean for the following episodes?

American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 2 moved even slower, with things getting even worse, but nothing really happening. If this season only has ten episodes, I don’t see how they can both tell us everything and actually make it interesting enough to carry over for that long. It looks like there could be a second story with the Lost Colony but it’s still too early to tell.

All we know is that their house has more than one group of spirits, a family and two nurses with a love for murder. They are around, but so far we’ve only been introduced to the nurses in a reenactment, and it looks like they could still be causing chaos somehow.

But the ghosts inside of the house seem to have nothing to do with what’s happening outside. There’s the colony of people who appear out of thin air and cause the ground to somehow breathe, and from them comes the man in the pig mask. This possible villain hasn’t appeared much, but the actor behind this character has to be either Evan Peters or Finn Wittrock.  The show doesn’t have a concrete villain, just a collection of characters that have the potential to be big bad so I would definitely want some guy sporting a pig head to be the main thread in all this.

The show has only aired two episodes, but my initial thoughts are mostly worry about the amount of time and the material that the show will manage to share. The first two episodes set up for quite a few stories to be told, not to mention a possible way to connect all the previous seasons together. American Horror Story will accomplish more by tackling stories that it has enough time to connect or throughly explain.

There seem to be more questions than answers, a great feat for the premiere episodes, but with a season order of 10 episodes does that change the way the season should be set up?

For now there are three core characters through who we learn what happened, all of whom we know to still be alive which presents a lack of shock factor if we’re being honest. Through this documentary-styled season, we have a guarantee that all three of them are alive and well, meaning that whatever is in that house must not be that murderous?

Apart from knowing that they are still alive, do we care? The characters make random, questionable decisions. Shelby choosing to run away from the house in the premiere episode made a shocking amount of sense.

Usually in scary movies we always have the heroine ignoring the obvious threat or choosing to stick it out because leaving is just too easy, right? But Shelby seemed to have enough common sense to get the hell away from that house, only to then see something even worse in the woods which somehow convinced her to stay?

Not only did they stay, they decided they put in too much money to move out, even after they found out what happened to the nurses. I understand not having enough money, but at some point you need to find some job to save some money up and move on. Matt looks like he has a decent enough job to keep him in hotel rooms, so why can’t Shelby travel with him for a while and pick up something that might not be as glamorous as yoga, but pays the bills so that they don’t all die in some murder house/forest combo?

The worst decision in all of this had to be Lee inviting her daughter to a house she knew wasn’t all that safe, and then kidnapping her once she lost custody because Flora was told by the ghosts that she would get killed. It doesn’t take much thought to realize that bringing this child, that’s already seeing murderous spirits, back is just asking for trouble. And trouble is exactly what they get when Flora is lured outside by who knows what and disappears.

That’s why this season’s worst enemy might just be the characters who don’t have the sense to avoid what is coming. It’s hard to feel bad or worried for a group of people who make decisions that don’t add up. They don’t deserve concern if they are creating more danger for themselves.

American Horror Story Season 6: Roanoke airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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