American Horror Story: What Now?

American Horror Story has reached its halfway point and the new twist was a very big change. Where will the show go now that they’ve wrapped up the season’s seemingly main story?

American Horror Story Season 6 had a steady story going, but now everything has been turned on its head because of the latest episode. Chapter 5 delivered the end of the Miller story, so where are we going from here?  There’s five episodes left and based off the promo for next week, the camera crew might be getting involved now that the main characters have told us all that happened.

American Horror Story: Roanoke had some good pacing this time around, and it almost made sense for this singular story to stretch through the whole season. But now it looks like everything was nicely wrapped up during the lunar cycle, with the Miller family finally having the sense to get the hell out of there.

Matt and Shelby saw a lot of things that they will never forget, with the show getting darker and darker within the last few episodes. There was enough murder, pain, and possible cannibalism to last the show a while, but they didn’t stop until the Millers were close to death.

Then Ambrose decided to get a redeeming quality, setting his mother and himself on fire. That was definitely an ending; I’m not sure if it could be called the best, but it had to be the most brutal. If this was the end of the season I might even buy it, but right now, I’m confused where exactly all of this could be going now?

The camera crew is involved from here on out, and this could be a tie in to the actual actors who shot the reenactment. That could make sense, but did they actually go out to that location to film after everything that they’ve heard? Is this the season of stupidity, where another group of people thinks it’s safe and ends up possibly dead?

Most of the theories I had for this season didn’t play out like I thought, so I’ve given up thinking I know what will happen. Now I’m just not sure how much faith I have that the show will create a new story in the next five episodes that is just as intense. The show has been a bit disappointing, but Roanoke did finally pull American Horror Story out of the slump it was in. 

This time around it’s all about risks and how far the show can go without making the same mistakes as prior seasons. We’re talking about heavy sexual assault, complicated storylines, and questions left unanswered. There wasn’t as much of this in Roanoke, although plots like non-consensual sex still found their way into some episodes, so there has to be faith that it will continue to do better.

All I’m hoping for is a new story that is realistic and that fits into the small window that the season has. It sounds like this new arc will continue until the end, with the finale breaking into a possible third arc that ties everything in.

This season has enough momentum to revive the show, but it all depends on the next episodes and the story that is still left to tell.

Prior characters coming back isn’t a guarantee, but if new characters are just as memorable, why not add them to the mix? There were the three constants, but whenever a familiar face pops up further down the road, fans of the show only get more excited. Bringing in actors that are known to the show, but haven’t appeared yet, is a way to keep viewers interested.

Evan Peters specifically needs to find his way back to Roanoke in the present. It’s only fair.

American Horror Story Season 6: Roanoke airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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