American Horror Story Review: Chapter 9 (Season 6 Episode 9)

American Horror Story has wrapped up it’s killer second arc, with a climatic ending that made sure we had no more questions about any of the remaining characters. But now that Lee is the sole survivor, where will the finale take us?

American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 9 added some new people to the mix, but they were killed off just as quickly as they were introduced. At this point I don’t know who got spared in this whole murder blood spree, no one died in a pleasant way but there were some brutal moments for everyone. The one person who managed to make it out alive did so because she ate a heart that basically made her a Paranormal Activity type of villain. Is there any way for Lee to get back to some sort of normal life after what she had to do to survive?

I get that the three campers who were actually huge fans of the show were meant to make a statement, but what was that exactly? I don’t know any fan of any show that would actually go visit the set if it was known as less than safe to say the least. 

I mean, what exactly could those three provide their followers except the woods where all of this went down. They all seemed to think that nothing would actually happen so their endgame wasn’t the best, ”luckily” they managed to actually stumble upon some strange activity. But again, if you pick up that something is actually going on and you knew the show by heart, why the hell would you go back?

The first dude who died (I don’t see how we are expected to remember names) was spared from a brutal death, something that American Horror Story seems to rely on more and more. It’s like they realized that they were pushing limits harder than ever before and just went for it completely. Nothing is off the table, which was proven when the remaining two were literally lit up on fire and we got the wonderfully creepy opportunity to watch them burn. 

Now Monet died just as quickly as my interest in her dwindled, but I was still pretty bummed to see her go. As much as I was rooting for Lee, by the end of it all I really didn’t see how anyone could make it. They were losing so much of themselves out there that even if one person made it out, they would be changed forever. 

Lee clearly took my thoughts literally when she signed some deal with the witch in the forest. Does eating the heart make Lee the new butcher? What happens now that the police found her and are taking her away from that house? Is Lee even really alive at this point or is she some kind of supernatural being?

All of this will probably be answered in the next episode when Lee will come face to face with Lana Winters, a wonderful reminder of my favorite season of American Horror Story: Asylum

Lee will have to feel guilty since she basically got Audrey killed. Audrey was trying to protect herself but instead got shot down for trying to warn everyone who the real killer was, when a bunch of murders happen at that house again I’m sure the police will regret killing the one person who could have warned them about all this.

But now that the story at that house is wrapped up, what can we expect to see from the finale?

The last episode has to be a ”go big or go home” moment for the show, and while seeing where Lee ended up will be fun for a couple of minute, it can’t carry the whole finale out. There needs to be more of the unexpected that we’ve come to love and there needs to be some chaos or else it will fall flat right away.

I’ve been very vocal about wanting to see how the AHS universe connects but I’m not sure if Lana Winters appearing to interview Lee will be enough. For now I will give the show the benefit of the doubt because we have yet to see them tackle this huge responsibility.

So my biggest request for the finale will be to somehow go back to that house and maybe see what happened to all the ghosts that are hanging out on that property now? Is everything chill again or will more murder go down? And how is the Pig Man doing?

American Horror Story: Roanoke airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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