American Horror Story Review: Chapter 8 (Season 6 Episode 8)

American Horror Story is gearing up for a memorable season finale to wrap up a very different type of season. Things can’t get any darker, but where can they go now that almost everyone is dead?

American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 8 did not hold back this time around, killing almost everyone in sight, and even introducing new players that we wouldn’t expect to join the game. Will the transition from the house and the Polk farm to just the woods turn even deadlier? They might have a chance to survive, but Lee’s need to get her confession tape back, combined with hikers in the woods, might screw up any chance that the remaining three have to survive. 

Now, a lot went down on that farm, but my biggest issue was Lee. She was badass and she actually managed to escape that literal hell hole that she was trapped in. Everything would have been looking up, if she hadn’t confessed to killing her ex-husband. I’m not sure what the characters this season seem to think, but admitting to murder is always the last possible option! 

First, Dominic convinced Shelby to confess to the police (if they actually got that far), and now Lee thought giving her daughter closure meant confessing to a crime that she was lucky to not be formally charged with?

Lee, I get that you wanted to give your daughter peace of mind, but why not just say that you really didn’t kill him? Flora may have changed quite a bit in that time jump, but hearing that your mother actually killed your father might not make things better like Lee envisioned. Flora could have reacted even worse had she actually heard her mother admitting that.

And Lee had to realize that even if she was about to die, maybe leaving something with the killers wouldn’t guarantee a delivery?

I mean, I get that they are in America and they get TV, but the Polk family probably doesn’t have a local post office in those woods. Unless there is some shady human meat black market that also delivers their victim’s confession tapes to their families? Is that an actual business that our postal service gets in on?

Anyway, the only person who actually made even less sense than Lee was Dominic. RIP dude… but you actually did it all to yourself.

Dominic really was behind his own unfortunate death. Let’s just ignore the fact that he went back into that possessed house; maybe he never actually experienced anything spooky, so he thought he was safe. He is the one that showed Shelby that Matt was cheating on her, which resulted in her killing Matt to death, which all turned into her killing herself.

All this happened with only Dominic as a witness, so of course Audrey and Lee wouldn’t believe him. Now I didn’t think Lee would leave him to get killed by our favorite villain, but homeboy deserved it. 

Dominic died tragically, but he had it coming; he got too greedy, and that’s really what killed him in the end.

But what’s more interesting is that ending. What’s Dylan doing in that Pig Man suit? Was he not aware of all those murders while he pretended to be a murderer to scare everyone else? What was he doing this whole time, and how did he miss even Sidney getting slaughtered clear as day in the woods? 

And what about those hikers in the preview for the next episodeAre they doomed as well now that they are in that area? Or is there a chance that they can escape death and actually help whoever is left in those woods? We still haven’t found Monet, but something tells me she might make it out of there for at least one more day. 

It won’t really be an American Horror Story review if I don’t mention the Pig Man and his minimal screen time once again. Dylan in that fake costume doesn’t count because I think we’ve spent enough time watching the Polk family eat humans, so maybe it’s time we see the guy in the weird pig mask? He’s there for a reason and he makes an appearance in the first season of the show so obviously he actually means something, but he’s only there to chase someone each week and then disappears.

Asking to see a murderer more on the show was not something I thought I would have to request, but this is my formal reminder that we are just running out of time at this point. Unless the season finale is all Pig Man, the show needs to get a move on. 

American Horror Story: Roanoke airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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