American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 7 Preview: Survival

Previously on American Horror Story, the nurses finished off their “MURDE” wall by killing Rory (Evan Peters) and completing their favorite word as the actors and those they were playing come back to the Roanoke house for three nights on the blood moon. Who will live to tell the tale?

American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 7 finds the gang trapped inside the horrors of the house on the blood moon as the producer Sydney watches and laughs at their unbelievable misfortune.

Only one of the participants will survive these next haunting hours at the Roanoke house, but who will it be? Rory, Audrey’s husband, is already dead, killed by those two creepy nurses that killed all of the old people. They have two butchers after them: the real one, the ghost, and then Agnes (Kathy Bates), whose paranoid delusions have caused her to believe she is the butcher.

The actors all believe that Shelby, Lee, and Matt were lying about their time at this house tormented by the spirits that linger and apparently haven’t left, but now they have to experience this for themselves and learn the hard way: death.

The entire point of this new trip to the Roanoke house and the reunion of all of these people was to find out whether Lee really murdered her husband or not, but now they’ll have six more unexplained and one survivor who will probably be so traumatized that they never speak again. Who else wants to bet that survivor is Shelby?

It could be Lee; after all, they already think her capable of murder, so why wouldn’t she murder six people that were “accusing” her of murdering her husband? Deaths solved, mystery shut, spirits linger on still unexplained.

This twist in the Roanoke story was exactly what the season needed, and it’s a shame that this part of the story will only last four more episodes. This is the good stuff we’ve waited for.

American Horror Story: Roanoke continues Wednesday at 10/9c on FX. Watch the trailer here!

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