American Horror Story Review: Chapter 10 (Season 6 Episode 10)

American Horror Story ended it’s sixth season with an episode focused solely on explaining what happened to the last survivor of the show. There were three different formats of a tv show in a tv show, followed by a chilling decision on Lee’s part that left us stunned, but not in a very positive way.

American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 10 was coming off an episode high, with the murders reaching a conclusion that left pretty much everyone dead. If you compare it to the official final episode of this season, the show might have been better off just ending it there. Not only did the setup for the ending scene seem like a waste, but that last plot that was supposed to tie everything up only managed to make everything that much more frustrating.

Watching Lee as the sole survivor was probably a great idea before it was actually executed; watching her try to prove her ”innocence” and all that came with that could have been interesting. But the one issue that got in the way was the level of investment we had beforehand, which was pretty much none.

Lee was the background character in the Shelby/Matt show that became important along the way but yet didn’t quite get there. The fact that she killed her husband could have been more suspenseful if there was more attention paid to it in the retelling of the story, before any of them even returned back to that house. Unfortunately it got lost in the clutter and when it was picked back up, no one cared.

It gave some kind of leverage to Lee coming back to that Polk farm but a whole episode that’s meant to leave the lasting impression just centered around her trial.

But for me that wasn’t even the worst part, I could deal with the trial and the Lana Winters appearance that wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. I wasn’t able to deal with the underlying theme of not only the final episode, but of the entire season, people and their never ending stupidity.

It’s like we came back full circle, from Shelby and Matt not wanting to leave a dangerous house because of money, to them coming back with the cast for exposure and money, to the social media trio trying to get more followers by checking out the house, to the ”ghostbusters” thinking they would be safe when they went to shoot their version of a show. People knew that there was something creepy going on there and each time there was more evidence, at one point there even started to be bodies, but these people just kept going back like that made all the sense in the world?

And if that wasn’t annoying, how about Flora and Lee? Again, we didn’t know enough to care about Flora but I could maybe let her off the hook because she was seeing ghosts and she saw her mother kill her father. But what was Lee thinking? I get that Flora didn’t want to go home with her but which one of our parents let us do everything we wanted when we were kids?

I wanted to go into creepy alleys and dark tunnels when I was a child, yet somehow my mother managed to not let me do that. It’s almost like she realized that she was the parent and she knew what was best for me, not simply letting me do whatever I wanted because I thought it was the best choice.

I’m not sure if Lee leaving her daughter to be a surrogate for another girl is meant to be poetic but to me it made no sense. Everything that Lee did was for Flora, so leaving her so she can help a ghost might look good to the girl now but what about when she gets older? Taking care of Flora means actually taking care of her, not the ghost girl that she befriended. Once again, we don’t know Priscilla enough to understand her pain so it comes off very weird.

All in all the ending was dry most of the time because this was an ending that we actually could have not had and still moved on from the season just fine. The way the house burned down and ghost Lee and Priscilla watching Flora drive away gave me an American Horror Story: Murder House vibe, which might be good but this time around isn’t. The house is gone but that won’t stop the spirits and soon enough someone stupid will venture out there again, making this bloodbath continue (if it didn’t that very night when the reporters and police was hanging outside the burning home). 

American Horror Story: Roanoke shifted a bit out of it’s slump this time around, but the finale ruined the momentum that they spent the whole season creating. This season will still be one of my favorites, if not my most favorite, but that’s with me completely ignoring that last episode when I rewatch it in the future.

As for the future of American Horror Story, what do you all think the next season will be centered on?

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