Agents of SHIELD Review: Best Laid Plans (Season 5 Episode 9)

The team concocts a plan that goes awry at every turn. Mack, Elena, and Flint lead a revolution against Kasius. And dead friends come back to life.

On Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 9, Fitz and Simmons come up with a wild idea to get the Zephyr One back to the space station, while Daisy contemplates keeping the implant and going back to the past without her powers. Mack, Elena, and Flint unite all of the humans on the base in a revolution against Kasius and the other Kree on base.

Daisy Johnson: Agent of SHIELD

Okay, let’s be real here for a second: who didn’t see this coming as soon as the implant was activated as Daisy, Fitz, and Simmons were escaping? Daisy’s heroic self-sacrificing routine is familiar by now, and it comes as no shock that she’s planning to keep the implant and not get her powers back, so that she’s physically incapable of quaking the world apart. Except, even at this stage, I’m still not fully convinced the quake that split the world apart was entirely her doing. Especially considering how gravitonium keeps cropping up in recent episodes, and that we’ve seen how powerful it is (both in this season and all the way back during Season 1), I’d bet that gravitonium played into the rending of the Earth in a big way.

I also don’t remain convinced that Daisy losing her powers permanently is really an option. The team needs to use the monolith to get home, and it’s been established in the show that the only way the team has of controlling when the monolith enters its portal form is when Daisy vibrates it at the right frequency/resonance. Chances are, even if Daisy makes up her mind not to get her powers back, she’s going to have to do it anyway. Daisy without her powers is still a badass though. That anti-gravity fight scene? Truly incredible.

Viva La Revolución

Man, Kasius screaming in impotent rage as Elena, Mack, and Flint foiled his plans? Definitely in the Top 3 most satisfying moments of this season so far.

Mack and Elena’s differences of opinion on the best strategy to take down Kasius—and whether or not Flint was old enough to be fighting—were really interesting. Their ultimate strategy being a combination of Mack’s careful patience and Elena’s righteous fury was so good, especially coming on the heels of Mack repeatedly lecturing at Elena. Overall, this episode was pretty great, although the pacing went a bit wonky at times. That is one of the problems with splitting the main cast into two different groups, which even now the writers haven’t fully managed to avoid: the tone and pacing of each plot thread can be way out of sync, which can make it hard to focus on what’s going on in both plots at the same time.

Highlights of the week? Definitely the anti-gravity fight, Mack and Elena’s victory against Kasius and Kasius’s consequent scream like a toddler throwing a tantrum, and the May, Coulson, and Daisy family moment where Daisy told May she could see her as a mom. I’m such a sucker for that family dynamic.


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What did you guys think of Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 9? Do you think gravitonium played a role in the destruction of the Earth? Are Fitz and Simmons right in thinking about their time travel experience in terms of a fixed timeline, meaning that they’re going to go back in time and the history of this future Earth will still come to pass, or should they be thinking in multiverse time travel rules, where they go back in time and prevent the Earth from quaking apart, thus creating a new timeline? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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