Agent Carter Review: Bridge and Tunnel (Season 1 Episode 2)

The conspiracy to frame Howard Stark for crimes against the American people heats up, while Peggy deals with the difficulty of being a double agent within the SSR.

On Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 2, “Bridge and Tunnel,” Peggy’s anxiety is raised when photos from her brief blonde bombshell party are in Souza’s possession, while more chemicals are weaponized to frame Howard. Truth be told, Howard kind of deserves it for the position he’s put his “friend” Peggy in.

Peggy and Jarvis

The relationship between Peggy and Jarvis is interesting (although it lacks the appeal of Peggy’s relationship with Angie). Jarvis couldn’t be more different from Agent Carter, and it shows with the brilliant dynamic of their spy work. The badass Peggy Carter is slowed down by Jarvis to properly assess the situation and every outcome, whereas she’d normally decide the best one right away and not really adjust for the inevitable changes in circumstances. That said, Peggy’s first plan is usually the greatest one because she’s one of the best agents in Marvel history, and it’s no surprise she founded S.H.I.E.L.D. with how she handles terrible situations.

Peggy and Jarvis would be better partners at this point if he wasn’t doing everything for Howard, even their devious use of Peggy, and he was genuinely trying to clear his employer’s name and keep Peggy safe, rather than just their using her no matter the consequences of her investigation. Peggy’s a good agent—perhaps too good sometimes—but her loyalty to her friends is the one thing that blinds her, especially when she’s already upset over the loss of Steve and coming back to New York only to be treated as the SSR’s personal secretary.

Angie’s Temporary Housing

Though a minimal part of the episode, it introduced a great dynamic between Angie and Peggy, and it’s something I’ll forever be bitter wasn’t explored during Season 2. What better way for Angie to become a famous actress than to accompany Peggy on her Hollywood adventure during Season 2? There were ways they could have included her.

Any way, one of the greatest lines of the series is definitely this one:

Angie: Hi Sara!
Sara: Hi!
Angie [to Peggy]: That’s Sara. She’s a slut.

Peggy’s temporary home is important because it just shows what a great spy she can be, and how dedicated she is to fulfilling her goals in life, even when her friends don’t deserve them. The extra effort to get out past curfew and deal with the implications of being a “proper woman” in the 1940s is enough to make Peggy tear her hair out, but she does it, and she copes with possibly putting everyone there in danger because of her day job because, I mean, she has to live somewhere, right?

Agent Carter

While the conspiracy isn’t quite interesting enough yet, what makes the show stand out is Atwell’s ability to capture her character’s essence, while seeing Peggy be the feminist icon of the 1940s that kicks ass and doesn’t let the men put her down. Most of the two episodes thus far have been Peggy disobeying orders and proving she can be an amazing agent without the SSR behind her. Perhaps that’s why Season 2 wasn’t quite as good because Peggy was finally taken seriously for her skills in the field (for the most part), which is a shame because being acknowledged as a decent agent shouldn’t have damaged the writing of the series.


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