5 Things We Want To See On Arrow Season 6

Ah! Season 5 of Arrow, the season that followed the very dismal Season 4. The season that truly had to follow-up some of the worst writing I’ve personally seen on any superhero drama TV Series.

Luckily, however, Season 5 wasn’t completely terrible! There were twists, turns some engaging plot points and a fresh new feeling to the show that still felt like the original Season 1 and 2 days! But the question remains, where does the series go from here? Now that its propelled itself back into the hearts of (some) DCTV fans, what can it do to follow-up a pretty okay season? Here’s what we want to see on Arrow Season 6.

Less Felicity, More Everyone Else

Okay, so it’s no secret that the Arrow fanbase is somewhat torn between the character Felicity Smoak. Once adored among many, now partially hated by many. The inclusion of Olicity in the show’s narrative definitely didn’t help much either. Fans have complained that much of the show has taken the “Felicity and Friends” approach with much of the series’ third and fourth seasons revolving around her or her relationship with Oliver. Luckily, we didn’t get much of that in Season 5, though we were forced into some unnecessary Felicity-centric stories that drove a ladder arc of the season.

It has grown apparent that Guggenheim and Mericle have no plans on getting rid of her any time soon, but Arrow Season 6 needs to take advantage of the many characters that were introduced in Season 5 AND the characters that have long since been established. Like, seriously, where was Thea? Was she even there? Season 6 needs to expand on these characters and give them more sub-plots, hell, even main plots that further develop them and their story.

Keep The Momentum But Have Fun Doing It

We can’t pretend that the storylines in Arrow are all happy-go-lucky. This is supposed to be the darker side of DCTV, with The Flash, Supergirl and definitely Legends of Tomorrow taking on more lighter and fun stories. The one thing that Arrow did really well last season was keeping up the mystery of Prometheus, but in doing so there was never any chill time for the cast of characters to really delve into outside storylines that weren’t so tense. Absolutely nothing is wrong with an overarching plot/villain, but have those moments in Season 6 that fans get to enjoy; like the more comic book side of weekly villains and shenanigans with Oliver swinging through the streets of Star City with his bow, or team-ups we don’t often get to see for episodic conflicts.

More Interwoven Crossovers

Everyone knows that all the DCTV series have major crossover events in the November sweeps of the TV season. It’s the big draw for a great part of the fanbase, even the occasional viewer! The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow often have smaller crossovers with characters from the other shows appearing in one or two episodes of their season. Arrow rarely has these crossovers; some may argue that they don’t fit well within the narrative of that particular season or the show in general, but having those smaller crossovers really helps in building the universe and also showing that these characters still have those relationships on the show, instead of completely off-screen.

Have Cisco come over for a bit to discuss tech stuff with Felicity and Curtis; maybe Ray or Sara can stop in while taking a break from screwing over time to help out Team Arrow with a predicament; or have Iris pop into Star City to uncover a story and she wants to say hi/give slight flirty eyes to her celeb crush in Oliver Queen. These crossovers make for fun moments in the show, and we get to see characters interact that rarely have the opportunity to.

Give Black Siren Her Just Due

Many fans were enraged when the writers Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle decided to kill off the iconic Black Canary in Season 4 of Arrow. Still to this day there’s been backlash for the decision, especially with a new character coming in to “replace” her in the later half of Season 5, and now as a series regular in Arrow Season 6. Not to discredit Juliana Harkavy, as she is charming in the role (from what we’ve seen of her), but it certainly was not the way she should’ve been introduced in the series.

Fortunately, Katie Cassidy will be gracing our TV screens/streaming services as an alternate earth version of her character, Laurel Lance, but as the villainous Black Siren. Though it’s already been stated that she will predominately be a villain this season, talks of redemption are in the air, and at this point it has to be done in order to redeem some of the horrible writing choices that have been commenced with her character. Season 6 should be the season Katie/Black Siren shines as a truly formidable antagonist, while also layered and complex. Black Siren is a blank slate; meaning any and every direction can be taken to expound on her background and her motives going forward. Season 6 should look at all avenues and truly delve into her as a villain, anti-hero, and survivor of whatever tribulations she faced on her earth.

It’s A Green Arrow Show! Be the Green Arrow!

Arrow has often been referred to as The CW’s answer to Batman; fully stocked with a tech/computer girl, sidekicks that are undermined, and a leading hero whose always brooding and pessimistic. Yeah, Arrow needs to break that… Batman’s not even that depressing. Oliver Queen needs to be Oliver Queen, meaning he needs to save his city but he doesn’t need to be so angry all the time doing it. The Emerald Archer is a slick-talking, sometimes cocky badass who gets the job done. If Oliver spends all of Season 6 mentioning his “darkness” or his unwillingness to trust people, things will get even staler much faster. Oliver will be thrown into a father figure position with his estranged son William, so let’s see that lighten him up a bit, yet still be protective and a sturdy father figure.

Have Oliver crack a joke or two, maybe even smile when things actually work out. We need to see a well-developed Oliver Queen, rather than the wash-rinse-repeat Oliver we’ve seen every season.


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Whether any of these things come to fruition is obviously yet to be seen. But if any of these points are on your wish-list and you wanna find out if they make the writers’ room cut, leave a comment below!

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  1. Truth. We fans saw a future with this show, we saw ppl introduced, leave, reintroduce but we had hope even if they didnt. As u said but it all changed when the writers attacked. the deaths and weird relationships have skewed this show so off track we lost much hope on any endgame we could’ve hoped for. Hope they get their shit together.

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